How To Choose Which Hair Salon to Go To?

It’s not unusual these days to have this need to find a new hair salon to go to. Plenty of hair salons closed down during the pandemic lockdowns, and maybe your old place isn’t planning on opening any time soon. Since you probably now have longer hair in need of a serious fix, you just can’t wait it out, and you need to find a new hair salon.

Or maybe you just moved to a new location, and your old hair salon isn’t just as conveniently near anymore. In that case, you better find a hair salon that’s near your place, or near your place of work.

But how do you find one? The good news is that it’s not really all that complicated. Here’s how you should go about it:

Ask Around

This is the standby method of finding just about anything these days, whether it’s a hair salon, a good dental office, or a reliable plumber. You go and ask your friends and family.

These people know you, so they know what kind of services you need and how much you can afford. And you also know these people, so you know which ones you can trust.

You can even base it on how good these friends and family look. If they’re sporting a great haircut, then just ask them where they got it. These folks can also tell you about the “intangibles”, such as the general vibe of the place, the friendliness of the people working there, and their expertise.

You can also just use social media for this, such as Facebook. Get the word out that you’re looking for a new hair salon, and you should receive plenty of recommendations.

Check the Location

It doesn’t really matter how good a particular hair salon may be, if it’s not located near you. That’s to say, it should be somewhat near your home or your place of work. Or it should be near places you tend to visit a lot, like a local coffee house or a mall you frequent.

So, take that list and then filter out the places that are simply too far away. You can always Google the various hair salons within a certain radius of your location, and then cross-check the list. That way, you should have a hair salon that’s recommended, and at a convenient location.

Keep in mind that some locations may mot be all that ideal, even if it is somewhat near your location. It may be located in a “bad” part of town, which you should really avoid. Or the trip to the hair salon may involve lots of traffic or bad road conditions.

That’s why a mall location for a hair salon is just so convenient. It’s already inside a place you tend to visit often. It’s comfy inside, with some nice air conditioning. You can get several things done with just one car ride. And if the hair salon is full and you have some waiting to deal with, you can spend your time elsewhere until it’s your turn.

Check the Website

This should give you a lot of information. You should have a section showing off the hairstyles they can do, plus additional services that they offer. Hopefully, the prices are also available, but generally you have to call a particular hair salon to get this information or visit one of the salon price tracking websites to get that info.

It’s great if they offer a hairstyle on the website that you want to try, obviously. But it’s also a lot more convenient if they also offer the services that you usually get for yourself, so that you don’t have to go to another place for these services. If you generally get waxing appointments, then it’s ideal if the place also offer wax services.

Contact the place and ask if they have some sort of email. That way, you can send them a picture of the haircut you want and they can tell you if they can do it.

Read the Reviews

For this, go to 3rd-party review sites for a more objective picture. It’s a warning sign if a place receives plenty of negative reviews—again, that should be obvious!

Final Word

Sometimes, you can just get lucky. You may just be doing some shopping at a Walmart, and then you stumble upon a place like Smartstyle. That’s probably not unusual, since they’re located in Walmart locations all across the continental US, and even in Canada and Puerto Rico.

That place offers plenty of different types of haircuts and services, and they’re great at it. You luck out, but then it may be another story if you happen upon a different hair salon.

So, do your research. Ask around, and go online. A hair salon that takes care of you is a great find, and that saves you the trouble of looking for a new place too soon!


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