How to Buy a Second-Hand Van: 5 Top Tips

If you’re on the hunt for a brand-new vehicle, you may be surprised to learn that buying a second-hand van can sometimes work out better for you. After a few years of use, the value of it will be cheaper, helping to save you money. And if you know how to haggle, you may be able to get the cost down even more.

Before you go about finding a used van, you need to factor in what they’re primarily used for. A van is designed to carry big loads and is often used to drive up and down motorways to transport the load. When you take into account that 44% of vans visit London each year, the mileage will understandably be quite high. To get the best deals on the market, here are a few essential tips to help you find the right second-hand van for you.

Do Your Research

No matter what type of used vehicle you plan to purchase, it’s advisable to do as much research as possible. Having an idea of a van’s market value, its mileage, and who the seller is will put you in a better position, especially when it comes to making a deal. Shopping around and doing your research on the internet will help you find the type of van you’re looking for. There are all sorts of factors to take into consideration, such as the model of the van, how big the load area is, its engine size, as well as other details to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Once you’ve found a model that you’re happy with, you should have a look at what sort of cost they tend to sell for, whilst taking into consideration the van’s condition, which can help you figure out the average market value. The last thing you want is to be overcharged, but if you find the van is being sold for way under the market price, there is always a reason for this. Whether it’s a brand new or a second-hand van, purchasing one can be a big investment, so you can’t afford to be naïve.

Van Dealer or Private Sale

There are various avenues that you can go down when purchasing a second-hand van. Whether you opt for a private sale or a second-hand van dealer, the choice is entirely up to you. If you are after more of a variety, you may benefit more from visiting a van dealership, such as John Clark, whereas if you know how to haggle, a private sale may be the right option for you, especially if the seller wants a quick and easy sale.

Whilst most deals go accordingly to plan, problems can arise from time to time, so if you want an extra layer of protection, you’re best sticking with a dealership. Weighing up the pros and cons beforehand is advised, helping you to feel more confident with your decision.

Go for a Test Drive

Even if you’ve found your dream van, it’s always best to take it on a test drive first. Getting a feel for the vehicle is important. If you don’t feel comfortable in the van, the chances are it’s not the right one for you. There are lots of other benefits that a test drive can bring, such as allowing further checks to be made. If there are any problems with the brakes, lights, gearbox, or engine, these will flag up whilst you’re on a test drive. Once you’ve identified any interior faults, you may find issues with the seats, or there’s a warning light on the dashboard. When going for a test drive, it’s important that you take the time to thoroughly inspect the vehicle, which will eliminate the risk of any nasty surprises later down the line.

Check All Documentation

Before signing on the dotted line, it’s vital that you check through the paperwork to ensure it’s legit and above board, especially if you’re going down the private sale route. Knowing the van’s service history and checking its MOT certificate is crucial. It’s important to look through the V5 as this document will show you the van’s history, including when the vehicle was made, and who its previous owners were.

Finding Insurance

Once you’ve found the right second-hand van, you will need to purchase van insurance. No matter the reason for your purchase, you can’t get on the open road until you have van insurance in place. You may be interested in looking at Quotezone who let you compare quotes from over 50 different van insurance providers in just a minute or two.

No matter the reason for your purchase, it’s always best to do as much research as possible before buying a second-hand van. Instead of purchasing the first van you see, you should go into a deal with your eyes wide open. Looking at the van’s service history, checking through paperwork, going on a test drive, as well as comparing insurance providers are just a few essential tips on how to buy a second-hand van.

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