How to Build a Promotion Side for Sheffield United in FIFA 22 Career Mode

While it could be argued that picking one of the best teams to rebuild in FIFA 22 is the optimum way to play Career Mode, few can deny the enjoyment that comes with taking a lower-tier side all the way to the top-flight. It just so happens that this season, Sheffield United are in the Championship, making them a prime team to take back up.

So, let’s have a look at the team as a top pick, the players to build around, those to sell, and the shrewd purchases who’ll make all of the difference.

Sheffield United Are A Great Team To Guide To Promotion

What makes the Blades such a good choice in Career Mode is that the squad has some true top-class talents at the ready, as well as enough value to allow you to mould a stronger unit. Sheffield United have the kind of player ratings that you’d assume from a recently relegated side.

This is primarily because the team still holds a lot of great players, as indicated by the club’s real-life standing as the fifth-favourites to get promoted in the outright football betting odds, priced at 25/1 to win the English Championship 2021/2022, despite a rough 12 points through the opening 11 games of the season. Even though Aaron Ramsdale left for a big-money transfer, much of the core remained.

This remaining core and the strong depth around them allowed FIFA 22 to grade United favourably for the new game. In fact, the Blades ranked as the third-best team in the Championship when the latest in the series was released, boasting an £81.48 million team value, with Sander Berge the most valuable of the bunch.

Who To Build Around And Who To Boot

Three players currently in the Sheffield United squad present themselves as perfect players to build the rest around. Those three are Jayden Bogle (85 potential rating), Sander Berge (82 potential rating), and striker Antwoine Hackford (59 current rating, 84 potential rating).

In a 5-3-2 formation, you can utilise the strengths of these three players and add complementary pieces in the right areas. For example, this formation gives Bogle the whole right flank to deploy his blistering pace down, while the low-rated Hackford can be given an appropriate feeder.

On the way out, try to sell for as close to the values of Jack O’Connell (£7.3 million), John Fleck (£4.7 million), Jack Robinson (£2.1 million), Lys Mousset (£1.9 million), Oliver Burke (£1.4 million), and Luke Freeman (£1.4 million) as you can. This will get you decent returns for what their value is on this side and open spaces for new signings.

Who To Target In The Transfer Market

While you likely won’t succeed with many and need to be careful not to blow your wage budget on one player, the free agency is always good at the start of FIFA due to the players not belonging to licensed teams. Still, the likes of Magomed Ozdoev, Aleksandar Dragović, and Viktor Claesson could prove to be savvy signings.

Based on the above, United need to add a preferably speedy centre back, a box-to-box central midfielder, a centre-forward to boost Hackford, and perhaps a speedy striking option off of the bench – speed wins FIFA. For these, it’s often best to go for the best up-and-coming players with high potential ratings.

To be Hackford’s knockdown man and distracter, go for 6’7’’, 72-overall striker Henk Veerman, valued at £2 million with 92 strength and 77 finishing. In midfielder, look to 21-year-old Alhassan Yusuf, whose 70 overall is dwarfed by his 91 stamina, 84 acceleration, and 80 sprint speed – and he’s valued at just £3.2 million.

So that your defence can keep up with the fastest strikers in the division and improve over time, look to Armel Bella Kotchap with an 85 potential rating, good pace, and 86 strength while standing 6’3’’. To inject some more pace at the back, sign the £700,000-valued Takuma Ominami from Kashiwa Reysol, who has 87 paces, or even Blackburn’s Tyler Magloire and his 89 pace but inferior defending attribute ratings.

So that you have that last resort speed demon to turn to from the bench, consider one of two players. You could go for Elliott List from Stevenage as he’s only £700,000 in value, has 93 pace, but won’t go much further than his 64 overall. Or, go for Peterborough’s Ricky-Jade Jones and his 92 pace with an 80 potential rating.

Following the above should give you, as the boss of Sheffield United, better options, more high-ceiling players, and it may even give you a bit more cash to play with after making the needs-targeting additions above.

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