How to Become an Azure Data Engineer with Microsoft DP-200 Exam and Practice Tests?


Today’s world cannot do without data. Collecting relevant data is important in helping businesses run their day-to-day processes, it helps in making better decisions and in supporting customer service improvements. That’s why there has been a rise in demand for Azure data engineers. Microsoft offers you an opportunity to prepare yourself for this most coveted role through passing AZ-301 – AZ-900 – 70-483 – 70-740 – MD-100 – AZ-300 PDF Pass4sure – Exam-Labs .

This post is designed to guide you on you can get this demanded position, get the Microsoft associate-level badge for Azure Data Engineer. It’ll also guide you on what skills you need to pass the required exams and how to obtain those skills effectively. First, let’s go through the details of the Microsoft credentials and then move to the features of test DP-202 and useful preparation options.

Microsoft Certification Program

The current Microsoft’s program for training and certification includes the most recently introduced role-based credentials. This is where candidates are required to sit for exams that test their readiness for specific roles. The program has three certification rankings that includeFundamental,Associate, andExpert.

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate badge was created for specialists who already have some knowledge and experience in the field and want to validate it and get some upgrade. To earn this certification, one has to pass two exams: DP-200 which checks the ability to implement Azure solutions and DP-201 which proves that the candidate can design such solutions. Let’s now explore the details of the first one.

Exam DP-200 Details

The Certbolt Microsoft DP-200 exam includes 40-60 questions appearing in varying formats, such as short answer, mark review, multiple-choice, best answer, review screen, and fill-in-the-blank types among others. The time allocated for this test is 150 minutes and to pass the exam you need to score 700 points out of 1000. Each candidate is to pay $165 as a registration fee.

But how does this exam prepare you for the Azure data engineer role? Find out about this next.

How to Become an Azure Data Engineer with Microsoft DP-200 Exam?

Earning the credential and qualifying for the associated role requires a clear understanding of the objectives in order to begin the certification journey.

TheDP-200 exam, which is the firstneeded test,checks the candidates’ knowledge insome important aspects of the data engineering field. There are a number of themes to be studied for one to acquire the relevant skills and pass the test. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Implementing solutions for data storage,
  • Managing and developing data processing,
  • Monitoring and optimizing solutions for data.

By studying these topics, candidates will be able to gain skills that will be useful to them in getting the Azure data engineering jobs and playing their role successfully.

These are the skills and knowledge you acquire as you study for the exam, and they include:

  • Implementing data security through data masking and encryption,
  • Developing solutions for batch processing using Azure Databricks and Data Factory,
  • Implementing and monitoring relational and non-relational data sources.

To review all the objectives, you have to grasp, first what you should do is to visit the official Microsoft website. To gain these skills, candidates must strictly apply helpful techniques and use relevant study resources for exam AZ-103 MS-900 – 70-761 – AZ-400 – MB-210 – 98-349 – AZ-301 – MS-101 CCNA Security+ vce player PDF Pass4sure dumps. In the next section, we’ll disclose some of the options that have proved to be useful.

Study Resources for Exam DP-200

Mastering data engineering skills doesn’t come easy. Candidates must understand the specific requirements of the exam and ensure they fully adhere to them as well as learn all the objectives. And to do this, it’s critical they find the right study resources. Below are some reliable ones to utilize:

  • Microsoft free online courses;
  • Microsoft DP-200 instructor-led training;
  • com exam DP-200 video course;
  • DP-200 & DP-201 Digital Flashcards on Amazon

Even with all these materials, there are times candidates may not be sure if they’re on the right track in terms of covering required topics. They need a way to check if they can be able to apply what they’ve studied during the exam. This makes it useful for them to find a way to test themselves and Microsoft DP-200 practice tests have been designed exactly for this purpose.

How Practice Tests Are Helpful in Passing Exam DP-200?

Practice tests from offer a unique way to test how prepared you’re for the final assessment. They include questions from the recent exams uploaded by test-takers. And what is best, you can get them just for free and train as many times as you need.

These mock tests are also important in enabling you to manage your time. To ensure you practice effectively with the questions, you need to use the VCE Player, which is a software designed to help you see the exam environment, set time limits for your trial tests, and detect your strong and weak areas. At the end of each session, you’ll be able to check your performance through the right answersthat also come in the files also has other resources for those who want to extremely boost their studies. Candidates can purchase thePremium Bundle at $44.99 to get access to an expert-verified practice test with 182 questions and answers and a training course with 69 lectures.


Azure data engineers play a critical IT role that cannot be ignored. The job market is in need of professionals with such competencies. That’s why preparing and passing DP-200 exam will place you in a good position when job-searching. Organizations prefer those who have already earned the Microsoft associate-level badge for Azure Data Engineer and offer a yearly average pay of $98k as per PayScale’s salary report.

To qualify, get yourself ready to pass DP-200 exam (as well as DP-201) using the right revision resources such as practice tests. Prepare yourself for your role with this dependable Microsoft Azure exam!

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