How the mini roulette game by Playtech has brought the fun back to the roulette wheel

From our fantastic restaurants and bars to the city’s award-winning theatres, Sheffield has a lot to offer anyone seeking a fun day out or a night to remember. But for those days when you just feel like staying at home and browsing online, there’s nothing like playing some classic online games.

Roulette is one of the most popular games to enjoy online. As a game, it has a rich history that stretches back a long time. It is believed to have roots in the Italian game of Biribi and came into life as we know it in France during the early 1700s. Of course, it has since swept across Europe, the UK and the rest of the planet. Roulette means ‘little wheel’ in French and this gives an idea of how the game is played. Players place a bet on which number and/or colour the roulette ball will land on when spun around the wheel. If you get it right, you win!

This makes roulette a simple game for anyone to understand and enjoy online. It is also a game that can be found on many internet casino sites in the UK. One of the best variations of roulette you could try out is the mini roulette game from industry leading developers Playtech. As the name suggests, this is a micro version of the standard game, with its own unique advantages. For more information on this awesome title, check out a detailed overview of mini roulette on But what is it that makes this version of roulette so great?

Fun layout and design

Everything about this version of roulette from Playtech is fun! In truth, much of this stems from the game itself, which is always exciting to play. There is something about putting your money down and watching the wheel spin that is very pleasurable.

This particular version of the game ramps this up by boasting a bright, colourful design that attracts players. The clean layout also helps to make placing bets simple, which adds to the enjoyment. Rather than trying to navigate an overly complicated screen, players in Sheffield can instead focus on which winning numbers may come up! The graphics and sound are all top notch as well, which helps make it a rip-roaring experience for everyone.

Gives players more chance of winning

While you can have fun playing roulette without winning any bets, taking home some cash does make it more inviting! Playtech’s small but perfectly formed version has a neat feature called ‘Le Partage’, which can help here. This feature is taken from the French version of the game and sees you get half your bet returned if the ball lands on zero. This naturally means you keep more of your money but also lowers the edge any online casino has over you when playing. By including the ‘Le Partage’ feature, Playtech has made this version of roulette much more fun.

It offers something different

While there are different types of this casino game you could try, it is usually the same two or three you might find at online gambling sites. After you have played standard French, European or American roulette for a while, you might get a little bored. Mini roulette helps with this by offering a new take on the game and makes it fresh again. In essence, this mini version only has 13 slots on the wheel to bet on. This makes it easier to grasp for beginners but also gives players of all experience levels something exciting to try out.

Free play is available

Sometimes the most enjoyable way to gamble online can be for no money at all. While many will naturally want the chance to win real cash, others may simply want the thrill of playing but with no financial pressure. Playtech has helped make roulette more fun for those who don’t want to use real cash by making a free play version of this game available. This means that you can enjoy the buzz of roulette but without any worries about losing money spoiling it for you. Even players who do want to play for actual money would be wise to use the free play option so they can get their strategy down first.

Mini roulette by Playtech gives a new take on an old classic

Roulette is one of the classic casino games and certainly one that is loved by many online players around Sheffield. However, playing the same old variations can get boring after a while, which is where mini roulette comes in. Offering a cool new take on an old classic, it also gives you free play features and more chances of winning in one fun package.

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