How New Cultural Trends Influence the Traditional Business World

Pop culture has invaded all of our lives in ways never seen before. Instead of getting our impressions of the world around us from newspapers and in-depth commentaries, we get information at a glance on social media and don’t even know if the stories we are reading are true. Reasoned discussions and deep analysis have been replaced by quick glance postings in a news feed that are specifically designed to ping the emotions and provoke a response rather than educate. With the pervasive reach of social media and the viral nature of cultural trends that suddenly spread like wildfire, it’s not surprising to see that the business word has been rocked by the pop culture universe. Indeed, business has now become part of the viral culture realm. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have millions of Twitter followers and anything they say at all becomes today’s business and cultural news.

Entrepreneurship Has Become Pop Culture

With the rise of the iconic CEO as a rock star in a world where greed is sometimes the new God, we’ve seen billionaire entrepreneurs elevated to the level of Hollywood movie stars. Their power and position in society has created a cadre of aspirational followers who long to create the next killer startup. They used to say that everyone in LA walked around with a screenplay in their back pocket. Now the screenplay has been replaced by a startup business plan. The high-flying success of today’s tech startups and the anointing of instant billionaires and millionaires when a company goes public has elevated the entrepreneur to a cultural level that surpasses the impact of top religious leaders and other power brokers in the world.

The Drive to Nurture the Entrepreneurial Dream

If you truly have the passion to create your own startup venture and the entrepreneurial path is calling you, then you’ll want to get all the training you will need to be a success. Owning a business requires a broad range of skills, from management and marketing to business strategy and sales. As an entrepreneur, you will wear all of the hats in your new company and you’ll want to get your education in advance so you don’t burn through your own money-making mistakes. By taking out private student loans, you can finance your undergraduate or graduate degree at one of the best universities. Having enough money to pay for tuition and room and board will free you up to pursue your startup ideas even during the college years. Credit unions, finance companies and banks offer private student loans and if your parents cosign on the note then you’ll easily be able to qualify for financing.

Interesting Businesses That Tap into Pop Culture Trends

Some entrepreneurs have found success by creating businesses that specifically tap into pop culture trends. These ventures target niches that arise as a new meme emerges and is quickly swept to viral status. By following these trends it’s possible to create highly focused companies and offerings that fulfill the demands of consumers to be part of the latest viral trends. One of the most interesting examples of firms tapping into the meteoric rise of social media and hot viral trends is within the experience sector. Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in creating bigger and more ostentatious events that can be shared over social media. A child’s birthday party with cake and simple games has been replaced by bespoke birthday parties where you rent a mansion for a day. The already expensive wedding is no longer enough, as now we have destination weddings complete with theme and an incredibly expensive place to stay. Marriage proposal extravaganzas and over the top gender reveal events round out the lot as consumers desperately seek to one up each other in a bid to rise to viral social media fame.


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