How much does it cost to make a website in Australia?

According to White Peak Digital, the cost of a website will differ depending on the specific design one wants and its functionality. Different websites exist to fulfill particular needs. Some are built to solidify your presence on the web while others are geared towards generating revenue and customers. Website prices vary greatly across the board and largely depend on your specific needs. A simple site can cost $ 2000 while a custom website developed for your e-commerce business can cost $ 15,000 and above. Websites that focus on converting their target audience into customers through their online presence can cost approximately $6000. A lot of emphasis is put on how important it is to invest in quality web design and development so you can achieve your end goals. The price of a website depends on:

  1. The kind of website you need

Four types of websites are classified according to their defining factor and sale structure. These are:

  • The Authority Website
  • The lead generation website
  • The sales website
  • The Utility website

Before creating a website, you are advised to ensure that you research the target audience you want your website to attract. Authority websites are created to give your business an online presence while websites that focus on generating leads by using several marketing strategies are known as lead generation websites. Websites that are designed to sell products and services as well as create leads online are known as sales websites. A utility website functions as a business tool for companies in the online space.

  1. The domain and web host chosen

A domain name is an address that you will be using for your website. Acquiring a domain will vary in price and will require you to renew your subscription yearly. For websites that will deal with a lot of personal information, a secure socket layer is required to protect your customer’s details. A web host on the other hand enables individuals to have their websites accessible via the world wide web. The price of the correct package for your website depends on the type of website you want, the number of visitors you would like to have, maintenance, support, storage of the site, and security all of which can be offered by your website developer.

  1. The look and feel of your website

How much you want your website customized will determine the price. Simple websites that contain only a few pages cost less than those that contain more advanced features. The price of developing custom features for your website will depend on your specified requirements and your preferred kind of website. High quality websites cost a lot more than simple websites due to their special attributes.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Services and Copywriting

For your website to be visible in search engines, you will need to incorporate SEO packages that are sure to effectively reach your target audience. This is a great way to attract traffic to your website and convert potential viewers into customers. Some packages come with the option of copywriting which involves creating value-rich content for your website. This determines the rank of your website on sites such as Google. Search optimization services also take care of the speed pages to avoid lag when trying to access your site and its pages.

  1. Maintenance

Once a website is up and running, additional work can be put in from time to time to ensure it remains functional and up to date technologically. Simple websites don’t require much maintenance however, websites designed to accomplish higher functionality might need monthly maintenance that costs money. Costs that fall under maintenance include.

  • Domain name: You can expect to renew your domain for $10 to $20 per year.
  • Secure socket layer certificates: These cost approximately a hundred dollars a year depending on your domain.
  • Website hosting: The price depends on the type of hosting you chose. Prices range from $ 30 to $50 for a shared web host and $150 to $300 for VPS hosting.
  • Content management systems monthly cost range from $40 to $300
  • Copywriting services such as blog posts and product descriptions.
  • General maintenance such as virus scans, backing up the website’s content, taking care of bugs, and fixing broken links.
  1. Mobile support

It is proven that 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile users. Your website should consist of a mobile responsive design that accommodates all screen sizes and mobile devices. This will go a long way in ranking your website in search engines and enhance your website’s efficiency.

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