How much damage does Christmas drinking do?

Christmas is likely to bring a peak of alcohol related misery to people in Sheffield, new analysis shows.

The festive season is the time of the year when worries over alcohol abuse appear to peak, drink drive casualties hit a high and evidence indicates reports of domestic abuse peak in some parts of the UK.

Sheffield has some challenges with alcohol year-round. The number of alcohol specific deaths in Sheffield is among the worst in the country.

Most recent Public Health England figures for the measure, relating to 2015-17, show there were the equivalent of 15.4 alcohol specific deaths per 100,000 population in Sheffield.

That compares to four alcohol specific deaths per 100,000 in the area of the country which has the least number of alcohol specific deaths – the London borough of Barnet.

That said, Sheffield’s alcohol mortality rates when alcohol linked illness as well as alcohol-specific causes is taken into account is much closer to the national average, at 48 deaths per 100,000. The national average alcohol-related mortality figure is 46.2.

New data analysis by addiction advice and rehab referral service Port of Call outlines many ways in which alcohol harm hits a high around December and Christmas.

It’s the time of year when Google searches for the term ‘alcoholic’ reach a high.

The most recent Department for Transport figures show December sees the highest number of drink drive accidents and casualties.

One police force that has released the figures relating to the number of domestic abuse incidents reported to it each month, reveals December has been the peak month for the past four years. The World Health Organisation says evidence indicates alcohol use increases domestic violence incidents.

Other alcohol related issues that reach a high around Christmas include the alcohol related accident and emergency admissions.

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