How do your prescription glasses actually work?

Have you ever wondered how your glasses actually work? Sure, they make objects that are far away or blurry appear in-focus again, but there’s some really interesting science behind how we see things.

The first pair of glasses were invented in Italy in 1290
Since then, glasses have certainly come a long way! We’ve got a bunch of styles to choose from both in-store and online, and many now consider glasses to be a must-have fashion accessory! Despite this, few of us actually consider how our glasses frames might be improving our eyesight. Thankfully, this handy little infographic reveals all…

Discover how your glasses lenses work and what your prescription actually means!

Taking care of your vision problems
First things first, take a trip to the opticians if you’re ever worried you might be suffering from any vision problems. Whatever your worry, they’ll be able to carry out some tests and provide you with the professional advice needed.

Whether you’re suffering from myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, many vision problems can be corrected with a pair of prescription glasses. Check out Arlo Wolf’s try before you buy glasses and get 4 pairs delivered to your door to try on. It’s completely free! This way, you can be certain they’re the right pair for you – something that’s really important when buying prescription glasses online.

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