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Cooking is a process that being carried out by almost every woman in the world and kitchen is  a place where a lady is like the whole and sole. But cooking and managing the kitchen is at the same time a tedious and a time consuming task. This involves a lot of storing, cutting, chopping , mincing, baking and many such things which may make the kitchen king feel like a kitchen helper.

To deal with such issues, there are many tricks and hacks of kitchen organization and  cooking  hacks which may make you enjoy cooking  and your time in kitchen will be felt like a merry-making period. Here we present some top cooking hacks that will make your cooking easier, faster, and enjoyable.


  1. In order to prevent the potatoes from turning pale, it should be covered with cold water before cooking.
  2. For storing tomatoes for  a longer time period, first wash the tomatoes in clean water so that no residue is left and the let them dry. Once they are dried, pluck the stem out and keep the tomatoes stem side down in position to prevent the evaporation of juices and prevents them from turning pale and dry.
  3. To expand the lifespan of bananas and to prevent them from ripening faster, the end of the banana bunch should be wrapped in plastic bag or an aluminum foil. This prevents bananas from ripening faster and gives them a longer life. Besides, there is one more top cooking hack that if there is some over ripe banana, it can be used in muffins or cakes as over ripe bananas are best for it.
  4. To save a cut fruit like apple or banana from getting brown, either you should squeeze lemon juice on it or the cut fruit can be kept in a mixture of one part honey and two parts water. This mixture lowers down the oxidation rate.
  5. To peel a garlic cloves without much ado, separate the cloves from the bulb and beat the garlic with the help of the knife for 1-2 times and the skin will come out easily.
  6. To remove the white part at the center of the strawberry, insert a straw from the back till it breaks the other side of the fruit taking the seedy part out.
  7. If you want a lemon to squeeze out all its juice, you should first refrigerate it and  then microwave it for 20 seconds and before cutting it roll it on the work top and cut it lengthwise.
  8. To prevent tears from onion cutting, there are two ways. First is to deep freeze the onions before chopping and second is that one can out a slice of bread in his/her mouth with some part of it sticking out of the mouth so that the bread slice may absorb the gas released from onion.


Leftovers are a big issue for every home maker. Here we are with are with some top food hacks or leftover recipe ideas to save the leftover food from getting wasted.

  1.     Cooked vegetables can be used to make pasta sauce. Put all the cooked veggies along with some fresh tomatoes and blend the mixture in a mixer jar and what you see is pasta sauce full of vegetables.
  2.     If you have a leftover in the form of steamed or grilled vegetables, you just blend it all in the mixer and mix vegetable or chicken stock in it and warm the mixture and here you get a power packed soup. Serve it with croutons or according to your desire.
  3.     The bread stays fresh only for one to two days. If you have got old bread loaf in your refrigerator, just run it under clean water and bake it again till soft and fresh. Besides that, we can also drizzle some oil on it and then rub it with a cut tomato and after seasoning it with herbs and salt bake it covered in a foil till soft.
  4.     You can use leftover cooked vegetables in making sandwiches. Just  put the veggies between the bread slices and grill it. Here you go with a delicious sandwich ready to be served with tomato sauce or schezwan sauce.
  5.     If you have a good number of leftover chapatis, just turn them into a great delicacy called chapati poha. This can be used as both a teatime snack or a breakfast recipe. Make sure to make the chapatis soft by reheating them.
  6.     Leftover bread slices can be used in making bread upma.


  1.     Greasy stove vents can be a great problem for the kitchen makers. To clean this messy thing, boil water in a large container and then add baking soda to this boiling water. Then, dip the stove vents in the boiling water for 60 seconds and you see the surprising results. You will the stove vents brand new.
  2.     To clean the dirty pans with a lot of food traces stuck in it, add water to the pan and sprinkle some vinegar into it.  Boil it on a medium to high heat. Take the pan out of the heat and spread some baking soda to it. Scrub and clean it to get a dazzling new pan.
  3.     There is top cleaning hack for kitchen tiles as they are the victims of your cooking experiments and greasy fumes in the kitchen.  For this, first you should apply  some baking soda over the tiles and then spray some cleaning vinegar over it. When some fumes appear, scrub the dirt away and wash it with clean water.
  4. When it comes to cleaning the stainless steel sinks in the kitchen, it really feels like a nasty task. For this make paste of baking soda and water. Add some vinegar to it. Apply this portion to the kitchen sink and leave it for 5 minutes. Clean the sink with clean running water to get a brand new like kitchen sink.

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