Hike in Used Car Market Post Covid

The new car market has suffered somewhat in the post-pandemic period, largely because of some supply issues that manufacturers have faced due to the disruption caused. Coupled with many people wanting to avoid public transport, this has led to an upturn in interest in the used car market. It is, perhaps, easy to see why so many people are more interested in buying a second-hand car than ever before. After all, there are so many benefits of doing so.

As well as being able to avoid public transport for health reasons, owning a used car means being able to get around when you need to, not when the timetable says you can. Now more and more people are working from home part-time and in the office part-time, the flexibility of car ownership really helps people to balance their work and home life responsibilities.

Of course, new cars also offer this convenience but they are much, much more expensive. When you buy a used car, the sort of vehicle you can afford for the equivalent sum you’d have forked out for a brand new one is astonishing. Even used cars with one previous owner that are two or three years old offer much greater value for money than buying new. For many buyers, this means being able to obtain something a little sportier or even a little more roomy, ideal if you have a large family to consider.

Bear in mind, too, that used cars are generally cheaper to insure than new ones. This will depend on where you live and your driving history but because used cars have a lower valuation placed on them by insurers, the premiums you will be expected to pay should always be lower compared to a comparable model that’s just rolled off the production line.

Finally, there is a great deal of consumer choice right now in the used car market. You can pick and choose your ride today from a huge collection of used cars available at affordable rates at KAP’s Brighton Centre, for example. Not only will you see prestigious models but everyday run-arounds, too. Even better, by choosing to purchase a second-hand vehicle, you will, in effect, be extending its lifecycle. That’s also good for the environment because cars, once scrapped, offer few benefits. What’s more, there are more and more hybrids and electric cars coming onto the used market every day.


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