Hidden secrets that casinos don’t let you know

Unlike the online or the mobile casinos where you can play mobile slots and other games on the go, Brick-and-mortar casinos are often some of the most beautiful buildings around. They feature all the comforts of home and more besides and often possess one outstanding feature or the other that makes players eager to visit them and have wild and wilder fun!

Casinos are designed for one purpose only, which is to provide enough dazzling fun to unobtrusively separate visitors from their money. Here are some of the ways and means this happens…

Flawless seduction
During the decades of their existence, casinos have perfected the art of seducing players to the point that once anyone walks through their doors, the person is theirs to do with as they wish. This seduction is carried out through such means as the provision of bright lights that are incredibly eye-catching, architectural designs that boldly capture the attention and flawlessly showcases all that’s on offer, and audio effects that convince all who hear them that everyone in view is winning huge sums every second. Other means employed include carefully selected scents and aromas that make players want to keep playing till the end of time! As well, most casinos lack wall clocks and the like, or any other provision that could indicate the passage of time. And due to the fact that time often ceases to have meaning, this can easily lead to players playing incredibly long hours without meaning to.

A few games are major rip-offs!
Now, the house edge is applicable to all games found in a casino, which means that the casino always wins in the long run. However, some games are total rip-offs that offer the littlest chances for wins and are yet heavily promoted. This is the chief reason why most slot machines are located near the entrance in most casinos, as the flashing lights attract bettors like moths to light. While slots are very simple, often have very low betting limits and require no strategy to play, the outcome is totally randomised, which means that players will inevitably lose more than they can win. On the other hands, table games are a different matter. These are usually located deeper in the casino, with strategies and player skill having a bearing on the outcome. Some table games, however, have outsized house advantages. Such games include the likes of Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Double Exposure Blackjack and others. All this means that players should first research the house advantage of any game before playing it, regardless of how tempting the payout might be.

No free lunch
Casinos are renowned for showering gifts, free food, games, vacations to exotic places, tickets to shows and more on players they deem worthy of their attention. However, such is not actually free, with customers eventually paying for these “free” items in one way or the other. It also bears remembering that these gifts are directly related to how much players gamble. Thus, high rollers enjoy chunky freebies, while the low rollers have to make do with less or nothing. As well, the beneficiaries of such freebies should be prepared to pay for their gifts via a variety of hidden and totally ludicrous charges that are concealed in varied guises and given varied names.

I see you!
As casinos yearly earn billions in profits, this has moved them to expand the scope and capability of their security system. The aim of these is to prevent theft, cheating and the like. At present, most of them have thousands of surveillance cameras that are monitored in a security suite every hour of every day. These cameras make possible a surveillance system that is difficult to defy.

Chipping in!
Chips are used as they simplify the gameplay experience and speeds it up too. Nowadays, casino chips have RFID tags that enable their easy tracing and makes stealing them rather foolish. As well, chips are used for the simple fact that people gamble more heavily with them than when actual money is used. Casinos use lots of calculated strategies to get players playing for their lives. These strategies range from the legal to the borderline dishonest and their continued exposure will no doubt lead to a better gaming environment for everyone concerned.

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