Having Nerdy Fun in Sheffield

Nerds just want to have fun! In fact, despite prejudices that paint them as antisocial, nerds are actually defined by their passions, by what drives them. In other words, by what they do to have fun.

In so many places, it is unfortunate that there are so few locales or meeting spots for video game and Star Wars fans.  However, Sheffield is different. We are lucky enough to have not only a place or two, but a whole neighbourhood that caters to nerdy video gamers. Let us look at some of the best ways for Sheffield’s nerds to have the most fun possible

National Videogame Museum

The National Videogame Museum, based in Sheffield, is a place where you can not only learn about the history of video games, but you can also play many of them, from the bestsellers to lesser-known independent titles. This is a combination that is a dream for many of us nerds.

But the National Videogame Museum goes even one step further. They provide the basic tools necessary for you to create your own video game. While you will likely not have enough time to create an everlasting classic, you can certainly play around with some of the tools and create your own unique invention.

Opened since 2015, you can find the National Videogame Museum at Castle House on Angel Street. If you have a passion for video games, a visit to this museum may be enough to spark a new way for you to engage and enjoy them.

Fun You Can Have Wherever You Are

Something that has given nerds a huge edge is how the internet can help you access your games where you are. Whether you are in Sheffield or on vacation around the world, you can play games, or find new ones that are only available there.

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This widened geographic accessibility has only increased with smartphones, as well. It has become easier and easier to take our nerdiness with us wherever we go.

Make Gaming Social

Gaming has a reputation as a solo activity. Apparently gamers have to do it alone. This association between solitude and gaming has been lifting in recent years.

One can see this especially with the Nintendo systems. They have titles like Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Kart, which are clearly meant to be played among friends. In this way, at least, video games have come out of the basement and into social spaces.

In the same token, board games have multiplied and moved beyond the small group of fanatics. With the popularity of games such as Settlers of Catan, for example, previously exclusive nerd domains have expanded to make us all nerds.

You can meet up with friends and do these activities in your home. But there are also other options around the city of Sheffield. In fact, since the opening of the museum, many other videogame locales have opened up.

Extra Life Gaming Lounge

Sheffield seems to offer it all. With the recent opening of Battle Bar, Sheffield now boasts a place where you can play ping pong, enjoy axe-throwing, and engage in ice curling. This bar caters to whole groups of people with unique interests to say the least.

Extra Life Gaming is a video game lounge located near the National Videogame Museum. Located at 24 Commercial Street, Extra Life Gaming not only has the PS5, all the other latest consoles, but also the classics.

Plus, the food is great! You have plenty of vegan options, large portions, and reasonable prices. This is a dream come true even without the video games. They hold regular events, such as their Christmas showdown, so be sure to check in often to join in on any tournaments you think you might be competitive in.  This cafe is part of a whole neighbourhood popping up around the museum catering to video game lovers.

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