GTA 5: The Secret Of Success: Impressive Sales

GTA 5 is the 5th piece of the well-known and one of the most scandalous and popular games in the series in the history of video games. If you appreciate computer games, then you know the game series. Even if you don’t know anything about video games at all, you’ve probably heard of it! The game has generated many heated debates and harsh criticism. It is in great demand, which is always expressed in the loud clink of cash from sales. The scene is the chic resort town – Los Santos (the prototype of Los Angeles). Here, three characters fall into the center of events. You will be able to participate in gangster meetings, robberies, drug trafficking, and, of course, visit a casino. The casino is worthy of special attention here! It is as realistic as possible, and you can find the same entertainment here as in a casino in real life. It should also be noted that it is very similar to the

Get Controversial & Unforgettable Impression

Los Santos and its surroundings, familiar to us from GTA: San Andreas, are some of the most detailed, diverse, interesting, and visually striking worlds. During the first load, you will be intimidated by the disappearing textures and blurring images, but despite this, you will stop and inspect the sights that come across you on the way. From this point of view, Rockstar’s designers have done a great job. Los Santos perfectly conveys all the features of a modern metropolis: you will see both the poor ghetto residents, homeless people, and the corporate elite in expensive business suits, athletes, artists, and other possible types of people.

With all this, GTA 5 tells the story of not one, not two, but three criminals at once, whose paths crossed in Los Santos. It is here that Michael, Franklin, and Trevor will carry out a series of striking crimes. So they will not only replenish their pockets and solve vital problems but also become friends and best partners. Their life is as close to real-life as possible. For example, they have phones that give them access to gambling sites not on gamstop.

The Unique Selection Of Main Characters

So, you will have to get to know more about the trinity of the main characters:

  • Michael Townley is a former professional bank robber with a long history of illegal activities. At the moment, he is about 50 years old, and he resists a carefree life in every possible way. He lives in an elite area of the city, and has a wife and two kids. Family relationships are quite complicated. Townley is unbalanced, but tries to contain anger;
  • Franklin Clinton is an African American slum dweller in Los Santos. He has been working for bandits since childhood. In the game, he is already a mature guy, working as a courier in a car dealership. It is not an ordinary courier at all, so bandits resort to his help. He still lives with his mother in an old house in the African American District. Clinton is a fan of fast driving and luxury cars. Not aggressive, restrained, but at the same time will quickly deal with any offender;
  • Trevor Phillips is a former military pilot. He then became addicted to drugs and was demoted. He is extremely unbalanced and prone to violence and murder. He had a very difficult childhood. Not as stupid as he seems, but at the same time, his impulsiveness always leads to problems.

GTA 5 (more than any other game in the series) emphasizes the history of the main anti-heroes and diminishes the minor characters.

Features Of The New Gameplay

The gameplay has been improved, and now you can quickly switch between characters. The developers have made the gameplay more cinematic. An RPG component also appeared in GTA 5. Each character has unique characteristics and skills that only he has. You can improve them by engaging in activities with which they are directly related. For example, the more attention you pay to activities, the more stamina increases, and the more often you drive, the better the character’s driving skill.

The Great Triumph In Sales Statistics

In nearly a decade, Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold almost 160 million copies, generating approximately $ 10 billion in revenue for Take-Two Interactive – far more than successful blockbusters such as Star Wars. In 2020, more copies of GTA5 were sold than in any other year, not counting the release of 2013. It was announced by the head of the publishing house Take-Two Interactive Strauss Zelnik during the financial report to investors. In total, the publisher sold more than 144 million copies of GTA V. In February 2020, the circulation of the action was 120 million copies. In May, it grew to 131 million copies, excluding the Epic Games Store distribution. And in August, this figure reached 135 million copies. Earlier it has been reported that Take-Two Interactive will release GTA Online as a standalone game. PlayStation 5 owners will be able to get it for free for three months. Besides, Rockstar is going to release several updates with exclusive content for PC, PS5, and XSX.

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