Great Games to Play When You Feel Bored

We’ve all been bored before, and some more than others. But if you know how to play suitable games, boredom can be turned into fun or laughter of epic proportions. Many games are fun to play when you are bored, and most of them can be played with no extra things needed.


Here are some great games to play when bored.

Picker Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a classic game show that has aired on TV since 1975. The game’s goal is to solve the puzzles that “Vanna White” shines on the board. One person can host or create around and have everyone get a shot at being the letter picker. To play this game, you first need to pick a random number, and everyone takes turns guessing. Once all of your guesses are in, let two other people write down their answers without letting anyone else see them.


Then each person chooses which solution they think is the right one, and once everyone has desired their response, it is time for you to solve the puzzle. If no one got what you guessed, try again with another quiz worksheet until someone gets yours right.


Bejeweled 2

One of the most addicting games on Facebook ever, Bejeweled 2, was made by PopCap Games, one of the best game companies around today. They have also made Plants vs. Zombies and Zuma’s Revenge, both puzzle games that can be found on Facebook.


The objective of this game is to match three or more gems together to get points so you can progress through six different modes with different purposes, such as making it through a certain number of gem-filled rows without getting your board filled or matching up all the gems to clear the screen. I highly suggest this game, especially since it is available on Facebook.


Minecraft is one of the most popular games on computers (and will be ported over to mobile devices soon enough). Minecraft is a game created by Mojang AB (which was bought by Microsoft recently) where you build structures out of blocks to accomplish specific goals, like making your own house or raising livestock for food.


There are also many modes you can play, such as Survival Mode, where hostile creatures try to kill you at night, and you have a hunger bar that needs food to keep from going down, or Creative Mode, where there is no danger, and your only objective is to build. It’s very addicting once you get into it, especially since there are so many different possibilities.

Hexic HD

Hexic HD is another addicting game made by a favorite video game company, Microsoft Studios. It is a puzzle game that uses hexagons to match different colors around the hexagon tiles and make them disappear until you get rid of them all. In addition, you can use bombs to blow up surrounding tiles and unique pieces such as wildcard pieces which replace other piece types when matched with them to give you more room for matches and combos.


There are three modes: survival (which provides you with limited turns and speeds up the pieces faster and faster), blitz (which gives you a set number of matches to get as many points as possible), and puzzle mode. In this mode, the game shows you how to make certain combos, giving you more time to get even higher scores. There is also an online multiplayer version of Hexic HDI.


The Sims 3

This is one of my favorite games of all time, for a good reason too. You control your Sim (your character) to go throughout their daily life. You can choose whether they work hard at their job or slack off depending on what profession they’re in, manage their relationships with other Sims, find new friends, or even find that special someone to start a family with.


Many expansion packs add to the game, such as Pets, which let you adopt pets into your Sims’ family, or Seasons, which adds seasons to the game and has holidays like Halloween and Christmas. The best part of this game is that it never gets old; no matter how many times I play, there are always new things to do with my Sim or new places I haven’t discovered yet.



Whether you’re lazing about your room or stuck on a crowded bus, these games are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Many games can be played to keep from being bored. These are just a few of them, but there are other games out there for us to play as well!



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