Golfing Essentials Every Beginner Should Have

Mastering golf is not an easy feat. You need to practice consistently and dedicate enough time to become a master on the golf course. Apart from time, effort, and practice, you must also invest in high-quality equipment. Most aspiring golfers underestimate the potential of acquiring the right gear. Here is a list of golfing essentials every beginner should have, and before long, you’ll perfect your golf swing.

1.  A Set of Clubs

As you know, golf clubs are used to strike a golf ball. Since clubs are the most important piece of equipment needed to play golf, you must dedicate enough time and research to pick one. You can choose among six main types of golf clubs, which are woods, wedges, drivers, putters, irons, and hybrids. Every type of club serves a different purpose. For instance, if you want to hit the ball onto the green, an iron club is your ideal choice. On the other hand, hitting the ball off the tee needs a driver club. Most people assume that in order to succeed as a golfer, you must invest in expensive golf clubs. While top-of-the-range clubs do make a difference, they don’t necessarily help you win games. When buying a club, pay attention to its shaft, grip, clubhead, and price to make an informed choice.

2.  Golf Bag

Golf bags are the most important essential when you are playing golf. You can carry around up to 14 golf clubs in your bag. However, as a beginner, carrying fewer clubs will prevent you from overthinking your every move and compel you to focus on the game. You can choose between two main types of golf bags: carry bags and cart bags. While the former is ideal for walking long distances on the golf course, the latter is larger and can fit more stuff. Pick a golf bag that is sturdy, durable, and affordable. Just like the experts at suggest, you must choose a bag depending on your needs and golf style. Consider the number of compartments you need in your bag and organize it accordingly.

3.  Golf Balls

Since you will need a lot of golf balls on the course, being picky about buying a specific brand is useless. You will lose a lot of balls during practice, which is why you must buy many at once. Find bags of used golf balls in major retail stores. These are inexpensive and can be used for practice. You can also walk along the course and in the woods to find lost golf balls. The best golf balls for distance can also be found here.

4.  Golf Clothing and Apparel

You must invest in proper golf clothing and apparel to practice your game in comfort. More importantly, certain golf courses do not allow you to play unless you are dressed in proper golf attire. For men, long pants with belt loops, golf shirts with collars, dress shorts, and rain jackets are allowed. For women, golf skirts, dress shorts, modest golf shirts, rain jackets, and capris are acceptable. Apart from appropriate clothing, you will also need comfortable golf shoes. Since your stride and feet posture matters when playing golf, you must pay attention to the type of shoes you buy. Pick waterproof shoes as most golf courses are wet. Shoes with spikes will provide a firm grip on the ground.

5.  Accessories

Golfing accessories such as a divot repair tool, tees, and ball markers are also needed. You may need these accessories at any point during the game, so keep them close, especially during a round. As the name suggests, a ball marker lets you put a mark on your ball to anoint its position on the green. It also sets your ball apart from others and avoids confusion. In case you forget to buy one, ask the manager on the course or use a coin. A divot repair tool is another important accessory needed for repairing the dents caused by golf balls on the course. Even though it is not mandatory, having and using one is considered a part of golfing etiquette. Tees are small plastic pieces used to support the ball before striking it. Keep a couple of tees handy.

6.   Extras

While the gear and tools mentioned above are necessary for golf beginners, you will also need some extra items such as sunscreen, water bottles or energy drinks, and napkins to keep you hydrated and protected under the sun. Since you will be spending a lot of time under the sun, keep these items within reach.

Every aspiring golfer must acquire these essential items. If you aren’t confident about investing money just yet, rent or borrow the equipment you need and practice the game for a while to gain some skills before investing in the gear. The right kind of gear will help improve your techniques and up your gold game.

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