Going to Prom? Here’s How to Prepare

Prom is one of the best and unforgettable moments of high school. It’s a night that you will always remember for the years to come. To get the best experience out of it, it is important that you prepare for the big day.

If you will be planning a few months before prom, you’ll have plenty of time finding out the perfect dress, finalizing your prom group, and making other awesome plans. Here’s where to start your prom planning:

Plan about your look

Planning about your prom starts with you. What look would you want to have? Of course, your prom will definitely have its theme but it’s important to have a look that is uniquely you, and it starts with your prom dress.

●    Prom dress

Planning your prom dress is one of the major things to do when preparing for your prom. There are limitless options of prom dresses to choose from so it is best to start looking for your kind of dress a few months in advance for you to have plenty of time to decide what’s perfect for you. You can get inspiration from magazines or online that will match your signature look, no matter what style that will match your taste, the most important thing is that it will make you feel great.

Planning your prom but you are on a budget? In planning the budget for your prom dress, you can check out various fashion sites for inspiration at discounted prices. You just have to make sure to order in advance so it will be easier if there are any alterations necessary to your dress. If you are into doing a vintage look, there are a lot of amazing deals in consignments and vintage stores. You can also opt to rent a dress. Do not forget to communicate with your prom date as well, just in case he wants to match his outfit with yours (such as matching your dress with his tie/vest).

●    Jewelry and accessories

Now that you’ve nailed down what needs to be done about your dress, it’s time to accessorize for your prom. A perfect prom outfit needs to be accessorized, this will add details to your look that will make your outfit complete. You can factor in any additional prom jewelry or accessories that will put an accent to the style of your dress, but not overpowering. If you are on a budget, you may check vintage and costume jewelry stores since they usually offer amazing intricate jewelry at a very low price. You can also customize and create a DIY; this is becoming popular nowadays.  Make sure that your bag or clutch matches your dress and big enough to carry your essentials such as makeup, phones, and keys.

●    Shoes

Your shoes should match your dress, but if you can’t find any with the exact color, it is always best to stick with neutral colors. Black or nude heels always look great with any dress color.

When going to the shoe store, it is best to bring your best so that you can check if they are a match. Before going to prom and having a blast there, you can try wearing your shoes around your house so that you will get used to and comfortable wearing it. You will be less likely to slip walking around with it on the night of prom, especially if you’re going to dance to some good music with your date. If you are not used to wearing heels, consider bringing flats. You can bring backup ballet flats of neutral color so you can just wear it just in case.

●    Hair and makeup

For the girls, many opt to have their hair done at the salon. But there are also a lot of online tutorials on creating beautiful hairstyles. Doing your own prom hair has become a popular choice nowadays. Before prom, you can also start practicing your makeup. There are also beauty videos that you can check online. Beauty vloggers are very popular right now.

During prom, you can definitely experiment with your makeup and it’s a good excuse to play with sparkles and colors. However, you can also go for a more classy and toned down look. It will really always depend on your kind of style.

Popular styles right now include smoky eyes (if you want to look classic), bold red lips, and face contour. Also, keep in mind to have your nails done as well.

Make necessary reservations and appointments

From booking treatments, booking dinner and after-party to your group, make sure that these are all set ahead of time. It is highly advisable to have these prom reservations and appointments set a month prior to their schedules to ensure availability especially during the rush time of the prom season. During prom season, these services book quickly so it is better to prepare sooner.

Here are some potential appointments that you have to make:

  • Dinner reservations
  • Transportation booking
  • Facials
  • Hair appointment
  • Nail appointment
  • Make-up appointment

Coordinate with your prom group

Communicating with your prom group can be a lot of pressure but it involves a lot of fun as well. You may create a social media group where you could all schedule a suitable time for all of you to talk about your prom plans. That way, your plans will be seamless and it will be easy for all of you to remain on the same page.

You can also plan before and after the event. Before the event, you can consider meeting at a convenient spot for everyone. This is great so that you’ll have a place where you could take photos of your prom group (have your parents take a lot of options) and also a good spot for scheduling transportation so that your group can go to the prom together. If there are plans after-prom, you can all talk to your friends and parents about creating the plan together.

Plan with your date

One of the primary factors of a prom is your date. You will be with the person most of the time during the prom, aside from your prom group. Ensure that you coordinate and are on the same page with your plans; from your outfits to your schedules, splitting costs, and scheduling photos with your parents and friends.

After all these preparations, make the most of your prom. Remember, prom is a big part of your high school memories. It’s supposed to be fun-filled amidst the pressure of its preparation. So, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the moment with your date and friends.

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