From Side Project To Success- Interview With Founder And CEO of The Online Printer, Amendeep Sharma.

Amendeep Sharma is the owner of The Online Printer, an online printing company that services individuals and businesses looking for quality printing at affordable prices. Amendeep started this business because he was frustrated by the lack of options for small-scale printing. He saw that there were a lot of people like himself who needed high-quality printing over lockdown, so he made it his mission to provide that service to them.


In this interview, we talk about how The Online Printer came about and what makes it unique among similar companies. We also asked Amendeep how he balances his personal life with running his businesses.


How did you come up with the idea for The Online Printer?


I started the business during the lockdown, when I was already working at a company that provided digital marketing and graphic design services. I found myself constantly thinking about how I could help people who were stuck in their houses and couldn’t get out to get printing done. 


I’ve always been interested in business and entrepreneurship, so it seemed like a natural fit to start working on my own business. 


What is the best thing about your job? 


I enjoy being able to work from home and not have to commute every day! 


The other great thing i love about it is that I can help make so many people’s lives easier by providing them with a service they need but can’t get easily otherwise. Whether they’re looking for something simple like business cards or something more complex, The Online Printer helps get their ideas on paper and into the world!


What makes The Online Printer different from other printing businesses?


We don’t just print things—we help people get noticed. Most people think of printing as something boring or mundane, but we want to show them how important it is that their company has its own identity, especially if they’re trying to market themselves or make connections with customers. We believe that good design should be accessible for everyone, so we make sure all of our products are priced competitively enough that anyone can afford it without sacrificing quality or creativity.


What’s it like being an entrepreneur? Is it all fun and games, or does it require a lot of hard work too? 


Being an entrepreneur is actually a lot of fun! It’s exciting to see the business grow and have control over the direction it goes in. There are definitely challenges, but 

those challenges are rewarding when you overcome them.


It’s important to keep up with trends and changes in technology, which can be challenging because it’s so fast-paced. I think it’s important not to get too caught up with what other companies are doing; instead, focus on what you want your company to be and how you can make that happen.


Tell us about your other businesses. 

I started my digital marketing agency, HeartCMS, because I wanted to help other companies do what I’d been doing for myself: get their message out there in a way that would resonate with their audience. It’s super rewarding to be able to take someone’s product or service that they’re really proud of and help them embrace it in a way that makes them feel confident about sharing it with others. We’ve worked with so many different clients, from restaurants to clothing brands and it’s fantastic to see their business continue to grow and succeed!


It’s also taught me so much about running a business. It’s taught me how to manage employees and make sure they’re all happy, which is something that really helped me when I started my other businesses. 


And Handcrafted Shelves is just that- a business that creates handcrafted shelves for people who want something special for their homes or businesses. With the uptake in home decor and DIY during the pandemic we saw a chance to work closely with clients to create shelving solutions suited to both their style and need. It’s been such a rewarding experience so far!


What challenges have you faced? How did you overcome them? 


The biggest challenge was finding trustworthy suppliers who could deliver quality resources at affordable prices. It took me some time to find suppliers who met these standards but once I did, it made things much easier for me! 


Initially, I was initially worried about getting people to trust that our service is as good as it seems. We don’t have any physical locations where customers can go if they need help with their printer or if there are any issues with their order; everything happens online, so there’s no way for customers to physically see what we do or how well we do it. A lot of people don’t like this—they want to be able to touch something before they buy it—but I think once they see how easy it is and how great our website looks, they quickly get over it!


How do you balance your personal life with running your businesses?


It’s a tough question. I don’t know if I’ve found the answer yet, but I’m working on it. It’s important to take time for yourself and your family—that’s what keeps me going when things get tough. But it’s also important to make sure that the work you’re doing is meaningful and fulfilling, so that even when you’re not at work, you still feel like you’re contributing to something meaningful in the world.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own business? 


I think the most important thing is that you have to love what you do. If you don’t, it’ll be very tough to get through all the challenges that come with being your own boss.


It’s also important to remember that there are no shortcuts to success. You have to work hard and be willing to put in long hours if you want to succeed.


Finally, I’d say invest in yourself. You can’t expect anyone else to make up for your lack of knowledge or skills—you need them yourself!

What are your plans for the future?


We’ve been running this business for over two years now, and in that time we’ve grown from a one-man operation to a team of 14 people.


We’re really proud of the work we do, and we want to continue to grow and improve our products and services. We’re looking forward to expanding our reach into more markets, as well as increasing our inventory of printing options—and then coming up with an even better way to offer them!


Looking back on this interview with Amendeep, what stands out most is the passion he has for his work. He’s clearly inspired by the impact that his company is having on small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, and he relishes in seeing those who have been “missing out” on being able to run a business online see that it’s possible for them too. The Online Printer provides truly unique value to its customers, and we hope that you discover that for yourself if you choose to use their services.


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