Free Gaming in 2020: You Have a Lot of Choices

It’s safe to say that games have changed a lot over the years, but what we’re experiencing right now is an unprecedented boom in the world of online gaming. This means that whatever you’re in the mood to play on a Saturday night, you can most likely find it online.

Want to give free slot machines a try? No problem. Looking to engage in some MMORPG and have an adventure? You’ve got it. 

To make your choice a bit easier, today we’ll go through some of the most popular gaming genres of 2020 that you can play for free.

Bingo Is an Option

Bingo has always been a game where you can test your luck and make some new friends. That’s one of the best things about it! If you want to play bingo online, You can do it on Bingo Blitz. You can both play it on Facebook and download it to your phone from Google Play or the App Store. Of course, it’s completely free!

This app comes with 75 games, most similar to classic bingo and a couple of creative ones, too. It also boasts a fantastic design, smooth gameplay, and an amazing online community that’s hard to resist. Thanks to the available apps, you can play Bingo Blitz no matter where you are: at home or at the bus stop. It doesn’t matter — just grab your phone, download the app, and play a game of bingo with someone around your area.

Free Casinos and Slots

Welcome to the world of free casinos and slots — the perfect place where you can earn some money and have fun at the same time. Both casinos and slots usually design their architecture in a way that lures in people who want to test their luck in a comfortable atmosphere.

Designers focus on creating an environment that will make you feel like you’re in a real casino, and they use various elements such as bright colors and lights, plus particular game placements to make the whole thing more alluring. To find more details on the design of online casinos, head over to this website.

So, why not relax for the night, pretend you walked into a real-life casino, and start winning? 


It doesn’t come as a surprise that Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are still a huge thing in 2020. You get to assume the role of a particular character, take control of many of their actions, and interact with several other players in an online fantasy world. So, just like with bingo, you get to have fun and meet new people.

From Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2 to Dauntless, there’s a whole variety of free MMORPGs that you can play online. It’s up to you to choose which one you like, create your hero, and take off on an epic adventure. 

First-Person Shooter or FPS

Ever wanted to experience action and adventure through a first-person perspective? Well, thanks to FPS, you most definitely can.

The first-person shooter is an outstanding video game genre centered around weapon-based items and allows you to take the role of the game’s protagonist. In addition to shooting, it’s worth mentioning that you can also engage in melee combat. 

Doom, Half-Life, Medal of Honor and Overwatch are names that probably ring a bell, but if you’re after a free FPS game to play right now, then Quake Champions, Team Fortress 2, and Cally of Duty: Warzone are just some of the games you’ll find online.

Battle Royal

Battle Royal or a fight to the death is one of the most common gaming choices in 2020. It’s a genre that has taken over the gaming industry like a storm, and its popularity continues to grow. 

The rules are very simple: be the last person standing. Gather items, make your strategy, and play with a group of friends from around the world. Games like Fortnite, PUB-g Battlegrounds, and Apex Legends are among the most popular battle royal games in the world. 

What sets battle royal games apart from others is their unique design and mechanics. Plus, by playing one, you can also win a lot of prizes within the game. Some people even “go pro” and participate in live championships to win big prizes and sponsorships. 


As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from, and we bet there will be even more great games in the years to come. The popularity of online gaming certainly won’t wane, so it’s up to you to find the genre that works for you best and then take your pick out of the many games available. And, of course, it’s good to remember that there are plenty of them that are completely free — which is always a plus.

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