Five Items Every Woman Should Splash Out On

Many of us are keen to save money and be practical, but sometimes by looking at fashion as an investment, you can save money in the long term. These items will last longer than the cheaper alternatives and instantly add a touch of style to your look.


You may have several pieces of everyday jewellery, which makes sense as you don’t want to spend all day worrying about damaging them, particularly if you have an active job. However, by investing in elegant pearl jewellery, you’ll have the perfect accessory for any special occasion you’re invited to. When you want to make an impression or feel like you fit in an environment you don’t normally spend much time in, this can give you a much-needed confidence boost.

Pearl pendants or earrings can be worn alone to achieve a more subtle look, or together to make a stronger impression.

A stylish but comfortable outfit

Finding an outfit you look great in but is also comfortable, is difficult for a lot of women. So, if the price tag is a little more than the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe, it’s worth it. We should all have at least one outfit like this. It makes attending gigs or a night out with friends more memorable. You’ll be happier to have your photo taken, approach new people and get absorbed in the moment. Wearing an outfit you feel self-conscious in can have the opposite effect.


Sensible shoes are great for everyday wear, but even the nicest pair won’t match up to those with heels. So, although it’s not recommended you wear heels all the time, or stand around in them for hours, occasional wear can be okay. Heels can also boost your confidence on a night out, making you more likely to enjoy yourself.

A bag

Having at least one designer bag which is significantly more expensive than your others makes it more of an occasion whenever you use it. Buying a brand name ensures quality, and other people can recognise the brand. If you want to mingle with a crowd you rarely spend time with, an expensive and stylish bag gives the impression you belong, even if you don’t.

The perfect dress

Many of us have or will have that one occasion which causes us to search our wardrobe for a suitable dress. Nothing seems right. You have going out dresses, and work clothes, then casual wear, but nothing to suit the exact occasion you need it for.

Finding the perfect dress means it fits just right and suits any special occasion. When you find something that ticks all the boxes, consider it an investment. You might only wear it a dozen (or fewer) times, but it will save time on shopping or trying on all your dresses and desperately trying to make them fit the occasion.

A few expensive additions to your wardrobe or accessories will mean you always have something to suit all occasions, so this is worth the extra cost.



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