Five Exciting Outdoors Adventure Sports To Try Out

When you have been stuck indoors for a while and want to get some fresh air, there are many great ways that you can spend your time outdoors. You might like a calming hike in the countryside or a family bike ride through the park or you might want to try out some thrilling adventure activities instead. There are simply plenty of things to do either alone, with family, or with friends. Whether you’re a fan of land, air, or water, there are plenty of fun and exciting outdoor activities that you can try out. If you are stuck indoors there are many options such as LC series simulator.  When you can next get outside, or abroad, here are just some new sports you could try out.


This exhilarating and refreshing water sport is great for beginners to try out. Standing on a wakeboard being towed behind a motorboat is a thrilling activity to try, especially in the warmer summer months. It might take a while to get used to balancing on the board and being towed without losing your balance. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s a thrilling experience! Once you have gained enough experience and expertise, you might even want to try out your skills on some ramps.


If you’re into competitive sports, then airsoft is a team shooting activity that you can get involved in with your friends or family. If you do not want the pain in getting hit with an airsoft bullet, and if the players are kids and other non-professionals and just a recreational activity for your family, then gel ball shooter is quite an alternative.

Similar to paintball, airsoft missions and objectives are more complex and need a higher degree of teamwork. Games are immersive and realistic and it’s an exciting adventure sport to try out. If you’re thinking about purchasing your own gear from airsoft equipment specialists, it’s useful to check out the best airsoft brands in 2020 to see what is available. Tokyo Marui, Umarex, and Laylax are just some popular airsoft brands that are working in the industry right now. Check out the UK’s largest selection of airsoft guns.


Thinking of trying something new on an adventure trip next year? If you don’t quite fancy getting cold with snowboarding, then why not try out sandboarding? It’s quite similar to snowboarding but you get to enjoy sailing effortlessly down sand dunes on a board instead of snow. This extreme sport is often experienced standing upright on the board, but people can also practise sitting down or lying down too to get the hang of it. Some of the best places to go sandboarding around the world, with spectacular sand dunes, include Peru, Colorado, Australia, and many more!


This is one of the most popular extreme sports to get involved in, with individuals jumping off a moving airplane and using parachutes to land to the ground safely. With experienced instructors to guide and go with you, individuals can experience the thrill and excitement of a popular air-based sport. There is even intense training available too, such as accelerated freefall courses, for those wanting to master it. These advanced courses can help train people how to open and control a parachute and how to stay stable in a freefall, starting with two instructors then leading up to eventually jumping on your own.


If land and air-based sports don’t appeal to you, then you can always try your hand at water-based sports instead. Kayaking is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy around the world, whether at a kayaking club or on holiday. There are many kayaking experiences available in the UK and individuals, couples, or families, can choose from short sessions to even 5-hour river trips. If you’re starting out, The Adventure Junkies have a useful guide to check out on the most common FAQs about how to get into kayaking, from taking lessons and useful techniques to master, to getting in and out of a kayak.

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