Fine fabrics: a source of inspiration for the greatest couturiers

The sensory and distinctive dimension of the world of fine fabrics is the result of constant innovation, the search for quality and, last but not least, the constant attention to detail paid to weft and warp. Because of these characteristics, these fabrics, whether they are wool, silk, cotton or linen but, especially, fine fabrics, are almost like an armour that protects one’s identity, a talisman that safeguards and distinguishes one from the crowd.

Pursuing this line of reasoning, fine fabrics can become a habit that one cannot do without and that it would be foolish to forgo when thinking of the making of a dress, a jacket or simply a pair of trousers.

Fine fabrics thus become a way to make oneself stand out, to give oneself that special feeling and to allow oneself to be embraced by the softness of cashmere or wool, or to shine with one’s own light due to the radiance of silk.

These fabrics, which are becoming synonymous with high quality, refinement and style, can be found in the collections of the world’s largest fashion houses, presented with the latest styles and manufacturing techniques, testifying to the fact that the richness of these fine fabrics is making them the font of creativity of every design.

The range of fine fabrics

In the light of these characteristics, all the major fashion houses have decided to produce their own creations using only fine fabrics, since they alone can give outerwear that touch of class.

Among them, these fabrics in particular stand out:

Refined and seductive, cashmere comes from central Mongolia, with its harsh winters when temperatures drop below minus 30 degrees. This is precisely the season of the year when the goats produce an incredibly warm and fluffy undercoat (duvet) that has a high thermal insulation capability. This fine fabric, immediately recognisable by its softness and shine, is the basis for the creation of luxury garments for both men and women, icons of refined elegance.

Alongside cashmere, wool also must be included among fine fabrics. A classic but extremely versatile fabric, it is perfect for making clothes and jackets and hence for freshening up the wardrobe. Speaking of fine woollen fabrics, Prince of Wales, as well as pinstripe and micro design also spring to mind, all traditional design features for this type of fabric; but thanks to new weaving and finishing techniques they can take on unusual shades and an aesthetic dimension that is ever more intense and emotive.

One cannot talk about precious fabrics without mentioning silk. Legend has it that it was discovered by accident by a Chinese empress 3,000 years before Christ. While she was sipping her tea, a cocoon fell into the cup revealing an iridescent thread. Many metres of this beautiful fabric have since been unravelled, but silk still retains an imperial allure today, both for the quality of the material and for its natural beauty.

These fabrics, perfect for making clothes and jackets, have the advantage of being able to refresh a wardrobe for both men and women thanks to a dynamic, extremely versatile yet timelessly classic fit.

For more detailed information, please refer to the in-depth article on “Fine fabrics, the culture of the handmade” by Ratti, one of today’s worldwide leaders in the production of high-end fabrics and accessories.

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