Finding the right school in the U.K

Choosing the best school for your child can be difficult, especially when you are a first-time parent. People want to ensure that their children get the best education available, even with the pandemic.

Although finding the right school based on real reviews is a good idea, you first need to know what to expect and consider from the schools in the UK, especially if you’re not a local. Lucky for you, this article is here to help.

The Two Types of School in London

There are two types of schools in London that you will encounter – state-maintained and private, and you must know what to expect from both.

State Maintained Schools

If you are planning to send your child to a state-maintained school, you will need to research the catchments of said school and other admission criteria. For example, in an area with a dense population of young families with excellent schools on both sides of the river, a catchment will most likely be around 250 meters from the school gate. This can either be measured by the walking route or in a straight line. You can visit your local authority website so you can know the criteria for the catchment.

Another thing you have to worry about is entrance exams. Top state-maintained schools can outperform private ones, and they’ll most likely want to keep it that way. So they make sure that anyone that enters their school is the cream of the crop by giving cutthroat entrance exams.

Private Schools

There is a wide array of private schools in London, and most of them are excellent for all sorts of abilities. Pre-preps will even take in children who are three years old to prepare them for the entrance exam of prep schools for ages 7+ or 8+.

Because of the demand, some of the best pre-prep schools encourage parents to sign their kids’ names at birth so they can have a much better chance of getting enrolled. But don’t be discouraged if you have not done this. There can still be a chance for your child to enroll since some parents may move or choose a different school. Just ensure that you have a friendly relation with the admission office and be sure to stay in touch so you can be updated if there is an opening.

Once your child is in prep school, the headteacher will give you a proper assessment of your child. If your child does well, the headteacher will be able to smooth things out for you and your school of choice.

What to Consider When Looking For the Ideal School

Aside from researching and finding the right school based on real reviews, you will also need to make other considerations, and the ones below are a must.

Best Time For Enrollment

Whether you want your kid to go to private or state school, you must make a plan to know when is the perfect time for your kid to enroll, especially in the UK. This is because enrollment will most likely be on a first-come, first-serve basis.


For state schools, even if your school of choice is within the vicinity or near your place, you must not assume that your child already has a secured slot in enrollment. Remember, different places can have varying catchments. So, do your research if you are close enough to enroll.

Visit the School

Even if you have gathered the information about a school, visiting it will give you a clearer vision of it. Plus, you will be able to ask the teachers and pupils what they think about it too. Although the pandemic is still around, some schools offer a virtual tour so you can know what to expect once your child enrolls.


Because of inflation, school fees may increase more than what was last year. So, you must always prepare and update your budget every new school year.


When it comes to education, you want to ensure that your child enrolls in the best school, and the UK is home to many of them. But it can be hard finding the right one for your child. That is why research is a must, and with what you have learned today, you will be able to find the perfect school for your child.



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