Favorite Food of American Students

Do you wish to know about food all american students adore? Find out about the preferences of American learners from this article.

American college dorms are home to all sorts of snacks. You will find mini fridges stocked with caffeinated beverages, sweet treats, salty snacks, the list is endless.

It is normal for students, both domestic and international, to go out to festivals, parties and to enjoy different cuisines.  Many students say to writing services – Will you do my homework and I’ll try the most delicious dishes with my friends!

Top of the College Dorm Food List

In order to make dorm studies interesting, students keep themselves busy with the following foods:

  1. Chips.

A bag of chips will always keep a student busy enough to get through a study session. The most popular type of chips among students are:

  • Potato chips.
  • Apple chips.
  • Banana chips.
  • Pita chips.
  • Tortilla chips.
  1. Pizza 

Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, pizza never seems to disappoint. What makes this dish interesting the most is to imagine that a simple core recipe of dough combined with sauce and toppings can create hundreds of variations.

The most popular and common pizza varieties include:

  • Cheese pizza.
  • Pepperoni pizza.
  • Veggie pizza.
  • Hawaiian pizza.
  • Chicken pizza.
  • Margherita pizza.
  1. Ramen

Ramen’s popularity among students does not seem like the kind to fade. This can be due to its cheap price and the ease that comes with the preparation process. Within less than just 10 minutes, your noodle snack is ready to be served.

Some students even skip the preparation part and eat the noodles raw and enjoy its crunchiness.

  1. Cereal

While growing up, cereal is a meal strictly eaten for breakfast. But in college, this is a meal you can have any time of the day, with or without milk. College is the place where students break rules.

  1. Candy

Mixed with several spoonfuls of peanut butter, you would be surprised how many students consider this to be a full meal. In college, there are neither parents nor teachers to tell you what not to eat. Any type of candy that you like eventually finds its way to your dorm room.

  1. Mac and cheese.

With the powdered cheese on the market and in microwaves in student dorms, making this dish is really easy. Some mac and cheese recipes mix with vegetables or meat which the students simply love.

  1. Burgers

Burgers are considered to be among America’s leading foods, and students are no exception. It is said that some people will rate a restaurant entirely based on the quality of the burgers they make.

Burgers come in a variety of types:

  • Cheeseburgers.
  • Hamburgers.
  • Beef burgers.
  • Veggie burgers.
  • Turkey burgers.

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