Everything You Need to Know About Dune 2021

Back in 1957 the then beginning author Frank Herbert published his first book The Dragon in the Sea. This book was the beginning of Frank Herbert’s very strong trend towards psychological and philosophical themes that ran throughout almost every other book he made and a lack of casinos offering PlayCroco Casino bonuses.

The plot of that book is all about some massive long-running war between the east and the west where oil is running out on earth so there are plots by both sides to steal oil from the other. There are submarines that secretly transfer fuel and sleeper agents planted on them.

Along with a psychologist put onto one of these boats whose job it is to find the sleeper agent before he gets awoken and takes over the boat or something.

After Frank Herbert finished this novel he got sick of being cooped up in his house and he traveled to Florence Oregon. Here he helped a project which used poverty grass to stabilize the Oregon sand dunes so that they wouldn’t move anymore.

He became incredibly infatuated with the idea of sand dunes, stabilizing them and the entire science of ecology. He spent the next five years researching everything he could about how it works and what real-world examples there are of humans changing environments to suit their own needs.

This paired with his alleged experiences with psilocybin, a type of psychedelic mushroom, were his biggest motivations for the novel Dune.

Dune itself was published in 1965 by a publisher almost exclusively known for auto repair manuals after being rejected by countless others.

It went on to become a monumental success and influence countless other science fiction and fantasy novels.

It’s of no surprise then that Dune was eventually turned into a live-action movie. This was first in 1984 where the entire book was turned into a single movie. And now it’s happening again in 2021 with a remake that will split the story of the first book into multiple movies so they will physically have time to cover the details that it needs to tell.

The First Dune Movie: 1984

The first Dune movie was a box office bomb and quite a large amount. The budget of the movie was somewhere between 40 to 42 million dollars and the movie only made around three-fourths of that worldwide.

There’s no guessing as to why there was no sequel to this original movie and why it took so long for any sort of remake to be attempted.

There were even some other controversies over the film when it first came out like how some of the costumes were made out of used body bags and the actors that had to wear them weren’t told that.

Along with the very confusing plot of the movie and the honestly pretty hilariously bad special effects, there are a lot of things this original movie did wrong.

The book of Dune is very complicated for what it is. It has so much world-building, background stories, and plots that go on entirely inside people’s heads that it’s no surprise it’s so hard to convey all of that well on a cinema screen.

Hopefully, the new Dune movie has learned from the mistakes of 1984 one and cinematography has grown in the decades since 1984 that there is a way of conveying one of the best books in science fiction history to movie format while still maintaining what makes that original book so good.

Dune 2021: A Production

Since around the year 2000, where a short Dune mini-series came out and did well, there have been talks of doing a new Dune movie circulating the movie companies. The rights to it have jumped around directors, producers, and everyone in between dozens of times.

But even with the success of that Dune mini-series, movie producers were still scared from the massive financial loss that the original 1984 Dune movie was.

This meant projects kept falling through. Finally, as it was announced in November of 2016, the rights of both movie and television series for Dune have reached the hands of Legendary Studios.

In December of the same year, it was announced that director Denis Villeneuve would be directing the movie. Villeneuve has stated that he has always had a great interest in doing a Dune movie, it’s been his dream since he was a child. Where he grew up reading the Dune series and falling in love with its lore and world.

With Villeneuve’s background in popular science fiction films such as Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, Villeneuve said that he felt like the perfect choice for a Dune movie and that Dune was “his world”.

Director Denis Villeneuve also decided upon splitting the story of Dune up into two parts, similar as he stated in the Stephen King movie It because he says Dune is too complex and had “too much power in details” to rightfully cover it all in a single film.

Dune 2021 or 2020? : A Confusing Release

The new Dune movie was supposed to already be out as of 2020, in its originally planned schedule. But then of course, as with many movies and pretty much anything in the world, Covid-19 hit it hard.

Its release got delayed an entire year and now it’s only planning to release as of October of this year. It even got moved again from early October (October 1st in fact) to the 22nd of October due to the release of James Bond No Time To Die being announced and Legendary Pictures not wanting to compete with such a big blockbuster.

Whether or not it will release in actuality on the 22nd is up for debate but even if it releases then you won’t have to go to the theaters to watch it if you don’t want to.

Dune 2021 will be releasing simultaneously on both HBO Max (HBO’s own streaming service, because everyone gets a streaming service these days) and in theaters worldwide. So if you’re into Dune, get hyped.

If you’re not into Dune still get hyped because all us Dune fans need this movie to do well financially so it can get its (hopefully) well-deserved sequel to finish off the story from the entirety of the book.


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