Everything You Need To Know About Citadel’s Instant Payment Option

In a society where technology is making processes such as banking, faster, safer, and more efficient. Consumers expect and want instant transfers, more than ever. Citadels Instant Payment service facilitates that need for people across the globe. Enabling people to make immediate transactions directly from their bank account. One of the distinct advantages being, users don’t need to create an account or complete any other steps during a transaction.


And for those who enjoy gambling, Citadel is really taking off in online casinos, because there’s no processing or waiting time to make a payment. Which is a significant advantage for gamers who are eager to get on with trying their luck at the casino.


Moreover, you can use the Citadel Instant Payment method on any device, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile with ease.

When and Where Citadel Launched

Citadel was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in the year 2000. Canada plays host to numerous Citadel casinos, which are popular among citizens. However, Citadel is not limited to Canada, it can be used in several countries worldwide.


Here Are Citadel’s Features and Benefits In A Nutshell;


  • Make bank transfers and payments in real-time
  • Get access to instant payments straight from your bank account
  • Achieve safe and secure transactions from any device
  • No time wasted setting up an account with Citadel
  • Begin using Citadel Instant Payments immediately
  • Citadel welcomes several currencies
  • Citadel Instant Payments are available 24/7
  • There is only a small fee for using Citadel to make a payment


With a better understanding of what Citadel is, let’s move on to where you can use it! Citadel has expanded over the years, and as such, it’s now available to use in multiple locations.

Where Can I Use Citadel?

You can use Citadel in any one of the seventeen countries below;


  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Citadel At Online Casinos

Citadel’s Instant Payment option is becoming a popular payment method for online casino players. The main reasons being, payments are fast and secure. Plus, there’s no need for users to insert card details online repeatedly to set up new accounts and e-wallets.


With the online world demanding a unique password for every account you create on a merchants website, Citadel removes this hassle. Allowing you to play instantly at an online casino. Citadel is a convenient payment companion for gamblers who are short on time and crave convenience.

Citadels Security Standards

Security is Citadel’s top priority. Online casinos players‘ common concern is they don’t want their data shared or abused by third parties and cybercriminals. Citadel eliminates this risk with encrypted software to protect every payment.


In the UK, Citadel is a part of the Electronic Money Association (EMA), which represents payment service providers, and it’s a registered business in the UK too making it a reliable payment method to make purchases with.


Citadel is devoted to continuously enhancing their security measures. They currently use secure sockets layers (SSL) encryption, to keep information exchanged between Citadel and an eCommerce business and remain private and protected. To continue offering people like you, a safe, protected payment method to use online. As one of the web’s oldest payment methods out there, Citadel is reliable, trustworthy, and secure.


When you make an Instant Payment with Citadel, none of your login data for your back or security information will ever be saved or stored by Citadel. Moreover, Citadel will not divulge your payment information to any third parties.

How To Start Using Citadel Instant Payments

When you’re on your way to making your next deposit or purchase online, select Citadels’ Instant Payments’ option on the payment page. You then simply enter your usual bank account details that are used for everyday banking online and submit!

Citadel: Need To Knows

You must be at least 18 years of age to use Citadel Instant Payments. And check whether your bank is one of the 300 banks that support Citadel payments.


Also, there is a spending limit set at the discretion of Citadel. But this shall rise over time when you begin making more transactions.

Citadel’s Instant Payments

Many of us are apprehensive about sharing our bank details online. Furthermore, a lot of us are tired of having to create multiple accounts and input all of our details for every transaction we make online. Citadel offers an excellent solution to these problems.


For a safer, affordable way to make payments online to various merchants across the globe, or if you want a faster, and secure way to play at several online casinos, opt for Citadel Instant Payments. With no account setup, you can spend less time typing in your details, and remembering your password for individual accounts. And more time placing bets and making money at the Live casino!

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