Events where you can make a fashion statement

Whether you have gone shopping and simply haven’t had an event coming up with your name on it or you simply love to shops for the most outrageous clothing, dead set on making a fashion statement, there is an event for you and more importantly, for your outfit. The fashion industry is in its peak and with all the trends and styles out there, we could almost be anything we wanted to be every single night. So why not find out where you could best make a statement, take those heels for a night out on the town or simply show them chiselled cheekbones off. Here are some of the events you can search for in your hood and wear your most fashionable outfits at.


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Art Exhibitions

One of the events you can look forward to amazing everyone with your fashion sense is art exhibitions. Not all of these artistic events require an invitation as some ask entrance or other allow you to simply rock up looking like a piece of artwork yourself.

Night Clubs

Nightlife is one of the biggest fashion statement events you could have asked for. Between salsa, karaoke, gay bars, and trance clubs, there is an event for almost every occasion. If you have nowhere to go and feel like you need to go everywhere, hit the streets of the city with a group of friends and show off your new wardrobe but making one incredible fashion statement.


Many larger cities host a number of festivals. Music festivals, blues and jazz, Mardi Gras, and so forth. Check to see which upcoming festivals are about to happen in your city and when and plan your outfit accordingly. These festivals are made to be enjoyed and outrageous dressing is encouraged. Take part in the activities and enjoy your fashion sense.

Pride Parades

Ever been to a Pride Parade? Yes? No? If you have you will know exactly how far you can go…all the way! Your fashion statement has no limits here and anything goes. If you are looking for extreme this is where fashion borders on eccentric and crazy but absolutely magnificent.

If you, like many others, have no concern for events and the like, you can always wear what you want when you want. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself through fashion as this is a statement and fashion is art. Just be sure to always check with venues for dress codes to see if your outfit fits the bill and won’t get you bounced from entering. Otherwise, go get ‘emDah’ling!

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