Does the Next James Bond Need to be More In Touch With the Technological Age

Daniel Craig took on the role of James Bond in 2006, and it’s amazing to think how much has changed in the years since then. Facebook was still in its embryonic stages at that time, and smartphones were far from mainstream. Fast forward to 2022: Facebook has led to other social media platforms like TikTok, and smart tech is everywhere.

Now that Craig has stepped down as 007, the next Bond will have to be more in line with the technological age. If not, Eon Productions will run the risk of alienating younger generations.

A Lot Changed During Craig’s Bond Tenure

Part of the reason why the Bond franchise has managed to stay relevant in mainstream culture since the 1960s has been through its constant adapting to shifts in society. Some of the tropes and lines from the older pictures haven’t stood the test of time, and Craig’s version of Bond was a far cry from Sean Connery’s original.

In the years since Craig took over as the world-famous spy, it seems like societal changes have happened more rapidly than ever. For example, within this quiz and accompanying article on technological age, ExpressVPN discusses the massive social media rise in recent times. Members of Generation Z now spend hours upon hours a day on sites like YouTube and Instagram, platforms that were barely known or were yet to be conceived when Casino Royale was released. However, Gen Z also has an astute awareness of internet safety, especially when compared to older generations who are less acquainted or typically less confident in using tech. Considering that Bond is hardly a Gen Z protagonist, it’s likely his technological age would see him use social media and tech with basic proficiency. Nonetheless, imagining him on TikTok and Insta is a bizarre image, but one we may need to adapt to if we’re to see future iterations based on societal trends.

During the five films that Craig featured in as Bond, it was clear that the directors were trying to incorporate new tech such as smartphones wherever possible, but the MI6 agent was rarely seen using social media. Is it really possible to have a new incarnation of the icon without addressing the digital era and the way in which everything from traveling to dating is influenced by social media, these days?

Next Bond May Have to Use Modern Tech and Platforms

Bond pictures have always been designed to appeal to longer-term fans who enjoyed the older flicks, while also alluring new viewers. Every time a fresh Bond actor steps in, part of the aim is to bring new generations into the franchise. Den of Geek notes how every new Bond needs to prove himself and show why he is still significant in contemporary times.

There’s so much research showing how Generation Z favors social media and how they have accounts on numerous platforms from Tik Tok to Instagram. Therefore, it would make sense for the next Bond to be actively using these platforms, perhaps as a way to track down terrorists.

Who Will Play Bond Next?

After Craig bowed out with No Time To Die, the main topic of conversation among Bond fanatics has been about who will take over the mantle next. It’s a tough decision for Eon Productions, as their selection will have to be one that appeals to new and old audiences.

Esquire released an in-depth analysis on the next Bond, with a lengthy list of actors deemed suitable for the role. There has been talk of Idris Elba stepping into Craig’s shoes and tuxedo, while Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill have also been mentioned.

Times have changed and Bond needs to once again prove why he should still be at the forefront of popular culture. This may require the inclusion of TikTok or Instagram in the movies.

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