Customize bracelet design to gift someone special

Gifts are tokens of appreciation or congratulations for people who are either special or have done outstanding work. We generally gift jewellery to those who are special to us. So, if we are giving something to someone special, we can design it as well. Custom made jewellery stands apart from mass manufactured catalogue jewellery. No one else is going to have it in terms of the overall look and design. If you want to get a bracelet custom made, here are the steps you need to follow.

Think about the design

The first step in customization is to think about the design. How would you envision the bracelet to be? Only when you imagine the look, will you be able to decide on the next steps. You may go through jewellery catalogues or take inspiration from some of the renowned designers. Once you have a rough idea of what it would look like, then you need to decide on more things.

Pick your style

What do you like best – cuff, bangle or clasp style. The person who is the recipient of the gift, would they like a chain bracelet? Or a charm bracelet is more their style? Tennis bracelets are a popular design that is loved by most. One can find Diamond Tennis Bracelet at the Hatton garden Jewellers in London at great prices and also see variations in that design. Decide between dainty, chunky or boho styles to make your pick.

Metal type

Multiple precious metals are used to create jewellery and bracelets. Silver, platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold are some metal types that make good jewellery. These are precious metals and come at a price. Picking the metal for the band will decide the final price of the bracelet you will be making.

Chain type

In case you are going for a chain bracelet, you will further need to decide the chain type. Cuban chains make for a strong, bold and masculine look. Men and women both can carry off this look. However, you may want a dainty ball chain or a tiny cable chain if you prefer minimalism or effeminate pieces.


If stones are used on bracelets or any type of jewellery, they make them look better and add some sparkle to them. Pick the type of stones you want to add to your bracelet. You can select precious or even semi-precious stones to add to it. Lab grown diamonds, sapphires, rubies – the options are many in the case of precious stones. But if you want to be within budget, try less expensive options like crystal or cubic zirconia.


A rough faceted look, matte finish or a high polish can be given on bracelets.  Each type of finish completes the design. Sterling silver chains can oxidize and lead to a dark black colour so you can use plating to get a certain colour.

Talk to a designer

Talk to a jewellery designer who can put the design on paper for a jeweller to make it. There would be aspects of diamonds, size and settings which would be handled best by a designer. Once you have the right dimensions, then take it to a jeweller for creation.

See it taking shape

The last stage is a craftsman making the actual piece of jewellery. Metal will be melted; stones will be prepared and the final product will be made. You can plan to gift the jewellery at a beach wedding destination in the UK to make the day even more special.

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