COVID friendly concession food ideas

Are you planning a concession in your neighborhood or campus yet is worried about the Covid-19 pandemic? Do not worry because there are excellent ideas that will allow community mobilization and fundraising without breaking the Covid-19 protocols. The food ideas work, whether you are delivering by hand or have a vehicle to get you to the doors. You can get help from the best assignment writing service UK to allow you to plan your concessions and other activities you may be organizing during this pandemic.

While thinking about concessional food ideas, consider the following points for your safety and that of the people you will be interacting with.

  • Observe all local, state, federal, and international guidelines on gathering as well as food handling. It helps you to enjoy your events without the worry or the guilt of violating laid rules.
  • Communicate with your volunteers so that they do not handle the food if they feel sick.
  • Reduce the number of volunteers while maintaining physical and social distance.
  • Provide sanitation facilities like soaps, hand-wash, disinfectants, and sanitizing amenities at the venue.
  • Avoid self-service food options or monitor them closely to avoid spreading the disease to other people.
  • Offer pre-packaged foods or cut down the menu.
  • Constantly clean and sanitize surfaces coming into contact with food.

Concession food ideas during the Covid-19 pandemic are designed to reduce contact while still helping you to observe laid rules. Since you do not want to be the neighbor or event organizer who spread the virus in your area, here are concessional food ideas to consider.

Prepacked snacks

Prepacked foods are excellent crowd-pleasers. They also offer a huge profit margin, helping you to meet your fundraising targets. Since the foods are prepacked, each attendant will pick his serving and leave the table. There will be no chance to hold spoons or be in contact with persons serving the food. Some of the options to consider include popcorns, sliced fruits, sandwiches, and juices.

Hot prepacked meals

Hot meals usually come with self-service options. Alternatively, you are forced to include persons serving the food in a queue. This might not be a convenient option for all events. Try to pre-pack meals in a container that can be heated. Ensure that your menu spells healthy with options for vegetarians and persons with allergy issues.

Customized combo items

Combo items on the menu give your patrons a feeling that they are getting the best deal. While at it, you will reduce variation in your menu. It makes your menu exciting, even though it does not capture as much variety as you would have desired or chosen if there was not Covid-19. The combo is also fun as well as relatable, helping you to organize a memorable event.

Pepperoni Nachos

The meal is easy to prepare, making it fit for a concession. Bake your salami for only 10 minutes. Once it is crispy, serve in nacho trays. Add marinara or cheese sauce to taste.

Get more info here about enriching your college life without compromising on academic performance. You can continue with your concessions even with the prevailing pandemic. These food ideas help you to circumvent the rules as you hold the most memorable event.

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