Could Sheffield be the rising star city for Veganism?

Whilst the idea of adopting a plant-based diet may be alien to sum, it’s undoubtedly becoming a major trend throughout the UK. This is borne out by the latest research from the Vegan Society, which estimated there to be around 540,000 vegans across the length and breadth of Great Britain.

This number is thought to have increased from just 150,000 in 2006, whilst it’s also interesting to note that there are twice as many women than men who are vegan.

But why is veganism on the rise, and why is the city of Sheffield emerging as a popular hotspot for anyone who has eliminate meat and dairy from their diet? Let’s find out!

Why is Veganism on the Rise?

Although some have described the rise of veganism as a fad, this does a disservice to the core principles and beliefs that underpin most vegan diets.

Make no mistake; the vast majority of vegans refuse to eat meat and dairy out of a perceived sense of duty, as it’s believed that up to eight million human lives could be saved by 2050 if the world adopted plant-based diets tomorrow.

As awareness has grown about the production of meat and dairy products in the UK, the demand for plant-based food has increased incrementally. People are also increasingly aware of the perceived health benefits of going vegan, creating a larger target market of customers that has successfully driven the trend.

The market has responded to this two, by creating an increasingly diverse and delicious range of products for consumption. A number of these even replicate the taste and the texture of certain meats, and last year the UK market launched more vegan products than any other nation in the world.

Is Sheffield the UK’s Premier Vegan Hotspot?

Whilst the supply and demand for vegan products is on the rise nationwide, it’s fair to say that some UK cities are blazing a trail for others to follow.

Take Cardiff, for example, which is home to over 70 stalls and eateries that cater to vegan dietary requirements. Fashionable cities like London and Brighton are also following suit, whilst Liverpool is also renowned for its range of delicious and naughty vegan treats.

Sheffield is the latest city to emerge as a hotspot for veganism, as it now boasts one of the biggest vegan eateries in the whole of the UK. Growth for this field of restaurants will undoubtedly increase demand for staff and catering equipment providers.

‘Make no Bones’ is situated in the city’s iconic Osborn Works region, whilst it was recently requested to cater for the upcoming ‘Church-Temple of Fun’ event for the launch of vegan beer in the city.

Make no Bones is typical of many vegan eateries, in that it was borne out of a one-off night at the nearby Riverside venue in 2013.

Since then, it has experienced huge growth as the vegan trend has grown exponentially, particularly in progressive cities such as Sheffield.

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