Corporate Days Out To Consider For Your Employees Next Year

This year is slowly coming to an end, and once Christmas parties and events have finally panned out, it’s time to look ahead and plan some corporate days out for your employees in the new year.

Fingers crossed, 2023 is going to be an exciting year with no restrictions or pandemics pulling us back – so it will be a great year to go all out with your corporate events. Corporate days out are a fantastic opportunity for your employees to take a break from their normal work routine, connect with their colleagues, have some fun and relieve some stress.

If you’re struggling with ideas for your next corporate day out, read on as you’re in the right place.

A day at the races

There is no better excuse to get dressed up, have some fun and have a drink or two than attending a day at the races with your workmates and colleagues. A day at the races will provide a full day of prestigious horse races, a chance to drink and spur on your chosen horses, and an opportunity to get dressed up in your best attire – be it a full suit and tie for men or a floral dress and fascinator for women.

There are still some spectacular 2022 horse racing fixtures to look out for if you’re eager to get to the races before the new year rolls around. Alternatively, 2023 has a whole host of exciting and highly anticipated horse racing events for your team to look forward to.

If you treat your employees to race day hospitality, which should include a complimentary meal, drink and extras, you’ll turn your corporate day out into an experience they’ll never forget. Regardless of whether or not your team backs a winning horse, we’re sure your employees will have a barrel of laughs at the races.

Escape to the escape rooms

Due to their uniqueness, novelty and mind-boggling but fun puzzles, escape rooms are relatively new phenomena that have taken the world by storm and shot to the top of the list of the most popular corporate team-building activities.

An escape room confines small groups into a room where they must look for clues and solve puzzles or riddles in order to escape the room within a set amount of time. Escape games are evolving and becoming more and more impressive, using the latest technology and trends to turn popular franchises into interactive or challenging games for people to experience.

Your employees will certainly put their teamwork and problem-solving skills to the test with an escape room experience.

Nothing beats a team retreat

Team retreats are days out or events where your employees come together away from the office and strengthen team spirit in a stress-free environment free from distractions. If your team spends lots of time sitting indoors with distractions here, there and everywhere, encourage them to get outdoors with a team retreat that strengthens their skills and boosts their work relationships.

By allowing employees to step outside the office and blow off some steam, you’ll give them new outlooks and leave them feeling both open-minded and inspired. Everyone needs a break now and then – and a team retreat achieves this.

Ready, set, go-karting!

Gear up and get your team’s adrenaline flowing with a team go-karting experience. What better way to spark some competition among your team than with a high-speed, electrifying go-kart race? Your employees would love to get their game face on and tackle the go-karting course of your chosen destination.

You could throw in a prize for the winner to fuel your employees’ competitiveness and heat things up a little more. The fun doesn’t have to end there, you could go for food or a drink afterwards and make the most of an enthralling corporate day out with your team.

A silent disco could be fun

Silent discos have gained enormous popularity since they were first introduced in the 1990s to reduce noise pollution. Nowadays, silent discos allow individuals to burn up the dance floor and dance the night away wherever they are, without having to be wary of being too noisy.

A silent disco puts a spin on usual corporate discos and allows your team to let loose in a unique fashion. Some event companies take your team through cities and pedestrianised areas with the silent disco headphones on, so be prepared for your best dance moves to be showcased for the public to see. That said, you can host your silent disco wherever you wish – so get creative.

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