Coronavirus leading to a rise in esports interest

Across the world, large sporting events are being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. From football to rugby, major events cannot safely function with social distancing and the current lockdown. This has left a lot of households across the world with no sports to watch and a lot of disappointment.

However, one industry that has seen a boost in popularity is esports. More people are at home and playing games. In fact, there have been millions of people playing online, such as on Steam. In addition, there are more people logging onto Twitch than before. Therefore, not only are people online and participating, but they are also watching other people playing too.

So, why has Esports become more popular?

At Home During Lockdown

Of course, one of the main reasons esports is growing right at this moment is because a lot of countries are on lockdown with coronavirus. There are more teenagers and adults at home as schools and businesses have shut. Gaming has become their main source of entertainment when they cannot get outside. A lot of people like to play games, but people also love to watch their favourite personalities play them too. This has made esports a massive hit and it will not be long until investors like Tej Kohli jump on the band wagon.

Games Available online

There are more games online to purchase than ever before. Gone are the days of going down to your local gaming shop to buy a video game. You actually do not have to leave your house now. You have new games at your fingertips and this is making people join in with all the action. It’s easy to start gaming online with your friends and family.

In addition, during the coronavirus, events aren’t getting cancelled. The tournaments that were arranged at large venues aren’t being postponed or forgotten about. They’re simply being moved online so that everybody can still enjoy playing games. More people are getting involved since they can access tournaments from their home.

More Affordable Equipment

Gaming used to be an expensive activity. People would send hundreds on keyboards, a mouse, computer screens and games. But things have changed. A lot of gaming equipment is now more affordable. It’s not such a big investment that it drives people away. Instead, casual gamers are joining in more and this has led to a rise in esports. The market has expanded and while you can still buy fancy equipment, you don’t need to splash out if you don’t want to.

Better Communication

With the internet, games are a lot more fun and now you can play with friends online. With a headset, you can communicate as if they were in the room with you. What’s more, you can play with anybody around the world. Esports allow better communication and you’re no longer a loner playing games. Instead, you’re keeping in contact with your friends and making new ones in team sports online.

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