Common sense in the casino world – How to stay safe

With the popularity of casino sites and real-money games at an all-time high, there are countless casino brands advertising their sites to get new customers.


And, if you’re a seasoned player, new online casinos can have a great pull. With new games to play and huge bonus deals on offer, people often get blinded by the promise of big wins and tons of spending money.


However, it’s important to remember that some of these online operators don’t run the safest sites. And depositing and withdrawing funds online can leave you open to possible fraudulent activity from online thieves.


So, how do you make sure you stay safe at these casino sites?


Today, we’re going to give you 4 tips, to ensure your security at a real-money casino online. So that you can relax in the knowledge that all your details are perfectly safe while you’re playing.

Look for a valid licence from a trustworthy authority

If you’re a UK resident, then it’s perfectly legal for you to gamble in the UK. And there are tons of great, reputable casinos on the market that cater to British players.


But, before you sign up to any casino, you must first check that the site is licensed to operate in the UK. Luckily, this is extremely easy to do. And the UK has its own licensing authority called the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), which regulates all gambling sites in the country. And every single casino brand who wishes to operate in the UK is legally obliged to obtain a licence from the UKGC.


So, if you want to play at a UK site, check for the UKGC logo and an accompanying licence number. These details are usually displayed at the bottom of the casino’s homepage, so they should be easy to see.


If you can’t see the UKGC logo, or a valid licence number, then it’s possible that the site is illegal. And you should exit the site immediately.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for an overview of safe and well-known casinos, check out Here you’ll find licensed UK casino sites that you can trust. And that all carry a valid UK licence from the UKGC.

Make sure the casino uses SSL encryption

Another super easy step to make sure a site is safe is looking for SSL encryption. This software protects all transactions and communications between you and the casino. So that your personal and financial details remain safe at all times.


Checking for an SSL certificate is simple. Just look at the address bar of your internet browser, and to the left of the casino’s web address you’ll see a padlock icon. If the padlock appears to be ‘locked’, then the site is secure. But, if it’s ‘unlocked’, then this site is an easy target for hackers and fraudsters. And your personal details can be easily stolen.


So, if you can’t see a locked padlock, then exit the site and don’t give them any sensitive details.

Choose a payment platform that protects you

Over the last decade, there’s been a huge surge in the amount of payment providers that supply safer and more convenient banking methods at casino game sites. And players can now choose from a wealth of different payment options, including e-wallets and pay-by-mobile options.


Aside from their ease of use, these platforms also keep players safe. With added encryption and safety measures to maintain your anonymity online.


So, here are a couple of our favourites and why they are extra secure:


You probably already know PayPal from its eBay days. But did you know this is also one of the most popular payment methods for casino players?


The main reason PayPal is so popular with online gamers is that you only ever need your username and password to make transactions online. Therefore, you never share your full name or banking details with anyone. Therefore, PayPal is extremely secure, and will keep you safe from any online thieves looking to steal sensitive info.

Neteller and Skrill

Both of these e-wallets offer a similar service to PayPal. And, again, you only need a username and password to deposit and withdraw at a casino.


Further to that, both Neteller and Skrill offer prepaid Mastercards, which you can load with funds specifically for gambling. So, not only can you set yourself spending limits, but you also only ever have a limited amount of money loaded onto these cards.


So, in the unlikely event that someone accesses your card, they can’t take any more from you than is on the card at the time. And they still can’t get anywhere near your bank account.



This pay-by-mobile service lets customers deposit at casinos by using just your telephone number. Players can choose to have their deposit amount added to their end-of-month bill, or taken from their pay-as-you-go credit.


But, either way, nobody can access any of your personal details. So Boku offers an incredibly safe experience at your favourite real-money sites.

Beware of online ‘friends’

We all know not to share our financial info online, but sometimes we let our guard down. And, unfortunately, there are some trained professionals out there who love nothing better than luring in unsuspecting victims under the guise of being their ‘friend’.


One of the most common times a player lets his/her guard down is while chatting to people online. And places like bingo chat rooms are perfect for fraudsters to go looking for vulnerable people.


Especially within the gaming community, people love to make friends and new connections. And you may have been chatting to the same group for months, or even years. But, never forget that these people might not be who they say they are. And a simple ‘chat’ could leave you out of pocket, if you let slip some personal details.


So, regardless of how friendly people online appear to be, never give out your full name, date of birth or any financial info whatsoever. As, even the best online casino operators in the world can’t protect you against fraudsters 100%.






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