Combination Skin Ultimate Guide

Our skin is one of the sense organs that can sense touch. There are different kinds of skin : one is oily, dry and the other one is combination type. Combination type skin or combination skin is a kind of skin that has oily skin around the T-zone i.e. nose, chin and forehead and at the same time, other areas of face like cheeks and jawline are mostly dry. 

Here is a complete guide presented for the convenience about the combination skin and the ways to deal with it and manage it and also how we can treat a combination skin.

Combination Skin -Meaning:

Combination Skin a combination of dry and oily skins. a combination having dry skin in some parts of the face and oily skin on some other parts. It is somewhat difficult to care for but there are some pieces of advice with which it is possible for us to take the utmost care of the combination skin. If we use rich moisturizers, they are so oily on the skin and if we use oil-control creams and lotions, they become very dry.

How can one know if they have a Combination Skin:

When someone is having a combination skin, one may experience the below mentioned traits in the skin:

  1. When  you clean your skin with a proper face washing gel and only after  a few minutes of cleansing, one can experience that there is oil breaking out in some parts of the face and some are dry.
  2. The skin is having a shine in the T-zone of your face due to excessive oil.
  3. When we use a moisturizer for normal skin, you feel that the cheeks are soft and are well moisturized and the T-zone of your face is still oily.
  4. The pores around the nose skin are much larger than the pores around the jawline and cheeks.
  5. There are dry patches on the skin.
  6. Black heads and whiteheads are a common problem for such a kind of skin.
  7. When the climate is hot, at that  time the nose, cheeks and forehead start secreting much oil.

Day to Day Care for Combination Skin:

There are a few steps by which we can care for the combination skin on a daily basis and maintain and manage it well:-

  1. You should cleanse the face daily with utmost care with the help of some light and gentle face cleanser.
  2. You should use a toner for the skin that is free from alcohol in composition and it should not have harsh and rough facial toner that may irritate the facial skin of yours.
  3. You should use a face oil or a serum for healing the skin from harsh elements present in the environment. Face oils are also a wonderful remedy to the problems of the ageing.
  4. You should also use a light sunscreen which may protect you from the UV Rays of the sun and also helps your skin be prevented from wrinkles and spots from sunlight.
  5. One should use a moisturizing cream which provides the required hydration to the facial skin and it also prevents the clogging of the pores.
  6. You should take a spot treatment from some dermatologist at the affected part of the skin and it also prevents the skin from drying.
  7. You should  go for the process of exfoliation twice a week at least with some soft and gentle exfoliator free from any harsh elements. Due to this exfoliation treatment, the dead skin of the face gets washed away and all the moisturizers and skin care products work well on it.
  8. The makeup should be according to the skin type and preferably it should be light. Too heavy makeup should not be applied on the face as it clogs the facial pores.
  9. Once in a week, the face should be provided with a spa, which should have two kinds of masks-one for dry skin and the other for oily skin.

Few Pieces of Advice for Maintaining Combination Skin:-

  1. The skin care and makeup products that you are using should be of such composition that it may not block the skin pores of the facial skin. Gentle skin care products should be used in case of combination skin.
  2. Whether it is summer season or winters are going on, sunscreen should always be applied irrespective of the seasons. A good quality sunscreen can lessen down the effects of sun damage. If you are unable to find the sunscreen for a combination skin, you should look for a sunscreen for an oily skin.
  3. The skin, besides , being taken care of from outside through moisturizers and cleansers, you should also take care of the skin by supplementing it with omega rich foods. This helps in nourishment of skin from inside. The superfoods for this type are walnuts, flax seeds, and salmon.
  4. The skin should be kept hydrated by consumption of a lot of water. Drinking enough water can provide a healthier and supple skin.
  5. You should not touch the face time and again with your face. If you touch your face too often the dirt from your face is stuck to the face and the pores of the skin are clogged.
  6. One should never sleep with makeup on. Wearing makeup for a long time again clogs the pores of the skin because the skin repairs itself during sleep.
  7. The skin care products that contain BHA Salicylic Acid are effective in cleansing of the pores of the skin.

In order to take care of the combination skin proper cleansing, moisturizing and application of sunscreen is very important. All the products should be alcohol-free. Once or two times a week, exfoliation should be given to the skin. 

If we bring a change in our daily routine and maintain our skin in a disciplined way by the use of gentle and apt skin care products, we can live youthful even with this difficult Combination Skin.

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