Choosing Your Gaming Gear in 3 Easy Steps

Every video game lover knows that your gear is a critical factor in your gaming performance and enjoyment. You know what specs are required to find the best gear for a particular style of game or console and what experts recommend in a gaming desk or other equipment. However, you may not have thought about the more personalized factors that impact what makes a certain piece of gaming gear the best for you. From your personal preferences and gaming habits to the seemingly minor details of the gear you’re considering, three key factors can help you get the best gaming gear, not just in general, but for you specifically.

1. Understand your gaming habits.


Obviously, the console you choose to play on and your gaming setup and surrounding space will all have an impact on your best gaming gear or the top gaming desks for you. PC gamers, for example, will inevitably differ from the setup a Nintendo Switch player would prefer. If you’re more likely to play your favorite games on the go, you might want gear that’s more portable than even the best gaming desk, without cables and wires keeping you stationary. If you’re almost always playing on your PC, the best possible monitor and accessories can be just what you need to improve your gaming experience.


The remainder of your gaming habits, though, are just as impactful. Do you usually game at night? If so, you might find that the lighting in your gaming setup is the most critical feature you need to consider. Do you game in the same place where you do work or other activities? In that case, your priority might be ensuring you have plenty of space for everything that happens at your desk and a comfortable gaming chair to do it in. Whatever your needs, your gaming habits can give you critical insights into the best gaming gear you can find.

2. Pay attention to minute details.



Of course, you want to check the compatibility and similar specs of a piece of gear before purchasing. However, these aren’t the only details that can help you choose the proper gear for you. For instance, someone with carpal tunnel may want to find a controller or gaming mouse that is ergonomically designed to reduce pain in the wrist, hand, and arm, and create a setup with enough room to stretch when needed. Someone else may simply switch between devices and want to ensure that they can use the same controller on their PC as they do on their favorite console.


In many cases, the standards, details, and specifications of a device will be enough to tell you whether it’s the right fit for your gaming experience. However, in some instances, you might find that the most important details for you are different than those the average gamer might rely on.

3. Keep your personal preferences in mind.



While expert recommendations and general compatibility are unquestionably important, it’s equally important that you’re happy with whatever items you choose. If you dream of having a setup that includes pastel pink headphone hooks, an aesthetically pleasing cupholder, enough space for an extra-large mouse pad, and bright RGB lights, then no one should stand between you and your vision.


If you prioritize the aesthetic appeal of your setup or another factor that may be seen as less significant than the technical considerations, that’s OK. After all, you’re the person who will be using your gaming space, not anyone else. What matters most, ultimately, is that you are happy with your gear and overall gaming setup.


When you’re choosing your gaming gear, it can seem like there’s a lot that needs to be considered. Nevertheless, what matters most is not just how well a device is reviewed or which gaming chair or standing desk is better for your posture. The most important factor overall is whether you’re content with your gaming setup. So long as you’re satisfied, you’ll know that you’ve truly found the best gaming gear.

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