Casual confidence: looking great in basic outfits

There may be some days when you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your appearance. However, this doesn’t mean you need to look frumpy or drab. Instead, there may be some ways that you can brighten up the most basic and casual of outfits. This can help to show off more of your natural beauty, and keep the time spent sorting out your clothing, hair, and accessories in the morning to a minimum. 

Pair with some sunglasses

You don’t need a full face of makeup when spending time out in the sun. In fact, the combination of makeup and sweat could create more of a build-up in your pores, increasing the likelihood of spots. Instead, you may want to ditch the makeup, except for your moisturiser and a brief sweep of mascara, and instead look for the best sunglasses to buy to fit your face shape. Not only will this hide the fact that you haven’t meticulously applied facial art, but it can also help you to see better when out and about. A good quality set of sunglasses may also fit in much better with the rest of your outfit in a way that eyeshadow can’t compete with.

Iconic footwear

Rather than forcing your feet into a pair of uncomfortable heels or dress shoes that pinch, you might want to think about going for footwear that is both well-known and comfortable. Many people might recognise a pair of converse on someone’s feet. Although they have been around for many years, they may still be incredibly popular. Pairing these with some jeans or shorts, or even some styles of dresses and skirts, can allow you to look casual but still maintain a good sense of style. There are a number of different styles of converse that you could choose from, depending on your footwear preferences, as well as a variety of colours. These can also last a long time, which can make them a pretty good investment.

Matching jewellery

Opting for jewellery can be a way to instantly take a more basic outfit to a new level. You may want to think about the type you choose, based on comfort as well as looks. When it comes to piercing jewellery, such as for the ears, septum, or lip, you may also want to take into account how your body reacts to different materials. Learning about the different base material options for body jewellery can allow you to find those that do not cause your skin to itch or develop a rash. You might also want to keep in mind whether or not your piercing is fully healed before changing your jewellery.

Basic outfits can be great for those who have limited time or don’t want to put a great deal of effort into their appearance. Even so, it is possible to find some clever ways to make these outfits still look fantastic without a lot of work required on your part.

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