Cardiosurgery in Germany

Even the most severe heart diseases can be successfully treated with surgery. Modern operations are becoming less traumatic and safer. The lethality of patients in developed countries is rapidly declining, and the achieved therapeutic results can be maintained for many years. You can seek medical attention from one of the Centers for Cardiosurgery in Germany to have your heart surgery performed by the best cardiac surgeons.

What diseases can be treated with surgery?

Heart surgery can be performed only when it is impossible to achieve an effect in another way. Surgical treatment can be carried out in children and adults, while the indications for surgery differ at different ages.
In children, the main problem is congenital heart defects. Up to 1% of children are born with them. Many defects can be eliminated with minimally invasive techniques from inside the blood vessels. If this is not possible, open surgery will be performed. Young patients undergoing their treatment in Germany are successfully operated on even with the most severe defects, including tetralogy of Fallot, aortic coarctation, anomalous pulmonary venous drainage, etc.
Adult patients visit Centers for Cardiac Surgery in Germany mainly for treating coronary heart disease or acquired valvular heart disease. Less commonly, doctors have to deal with other diseases such as aortic aneurysm, various types of cardiomyopathies, and left ventricular aneurysms.

Heart valve replacement and repair

Heart valves can be damaged not only because of rheumatism. In developed countries, doctors are much more likely to deal with valvular heart disease, which has developed with age due to degenerative changes. Simply put, this is the age-related “wear” of the heart valves, which is inevitable.
Mitral insufficiency and aortic stenosis are more common than other defects. Cardiology Clinics in Germany have learned to treat both diseases without traumatic open-heart surgery. A new aortic valve can now be placed through the blood vessels in the leg. The mitral valve can also be repaired or replaced from within the blood vessels or through short incisions in the chest.
Still, sometimes doctors have to resort to open surgery. In Germany, this treatment is safe and provides reliable results.

Myocardial blood supply restoration

Many patients travel to Germany to undergo coronary artery bypass grafting. This is the main surgical procedure to restore the blood supply to the heart muscle.
If the coronary vessels that carry blood to the heart become too narrow, the blood can be bypassed. To do this, surgeons create a bypass, which is a new blood vessel that carries blood from the aorta and flows into the coronary artery, but beyond the narrowed site. During the operation, doctors create anywhere from 2-3 pieces to a dozen of these bypasses. The internal thoracic artery is most often used as a material for creating new blood vessels. Sometimes they take part of a vein in the leg.
In Germany, the surgical intervention is often performed on a beating heart without a heart-lung machine, which reduces the risk of complications. Surgeons in specialized Heart Centers perform fully endoscopic and robot-assisted surgical procedures, which are safer and less traumatic compared to standard interventions.
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