Cannabis seeds are an oval form structure and about the size of peppercorn that are mostly brown in color.  The different types of brown shades appear on the cannabis seeds that shows they are naturally occurring attractive, delicate and powerful. The unfertilized seeds are smaller in size and the body is off-white in color. A seed and a clone are the two major sources of cannabis seed growth. For genetically strong plant, the good option for home grower are to opt cannabis seed instead of clone because seed provide genetically solid plant for mass production. Cannabis can also be called dioecious, male or female because female produces buds. Through male plants, female flower pollinates and then produces seed.  You can buy the buds on medical stores, female cannabis that can be grown easily without males in an environment.


 Cannabis seeds are a wonderful appealing piece of natural beauty, each cannabis seed is not similar in shape and structure. Some growers analyzed that larger size of seeds are more difficult to germinate instead of smaller size seeds. Many growers researched that male or female seeds may be segregated through size, shape and weight etc. over a many decades, this is felt that there are various theories about it. Extra shell materials on larger seeds are very complicated to germinate easily, old seeds are the true identification of poor germination of larger heavier seeds. The worst thing is try to open the seed shell by forcing it or by another artificial technique to open it. The old seeds are weaker than newbie because of oldness the seed crack quickly and powder crushed comes out and looks dry. 

The one more thing is there is, we can’t distinguish between feminized seeds and auto-flower seeds just to look at them because those body structure can’t make you difference.  

In this guiding article, I would like to deeply tell you about the cannabis seed and hemp production. If you want to get the best strong seeds so, the best shop of seed is sensory seeds that is very trustable shop.   


Many cannabis produce male parts beyond the female flower on the plant then, these types of plants are known as_ Hermaphrotides, mostly they create seeds by self-pollination. 


As the name suggests, feminized cannabis seed produce only female plants so that we get buds. These seeds are self- pollinated and to get only one set of genes.  This may be called as_ cloning of seed, that wouldn’t produce male plants. Some professional growers aren’t utilize only feminized cannabis seed because this produces only one set of gene and this not suitable for breeding purposes. 


 Cannabis plants contain Cannabinoids are also called cannabidiols or CBD, this is the chemical components. For hemp production cannabis seeds can also be used for various types of traits. Many hemps produce CBD, growers and breeders cross high – CBD hemps with cannabis. Various varieties of seeds are present in recreational stores and dispensaries and also available on online market place. 


Auto-flower cannabis seeds become flowering plant when they exposed in light about 12 hours. When plant get the definite age, it the plant become flowery then we say the term autoflower. This autoflower cannabis seeds are used widely and mostly home-grower used in home. This is so much easier to keep alive and this is specially used in northern areas because northern climate is great for auto-flower. Auto-flower strain starts in spring and then become full flowery in summer days because of full day sunlight exposed to plant.

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