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The use of plant-driven psychoactive substances dates back 5000 years, with many of these plants being in existence for more than 10000 years of recorded history. One of the actual uses of these substances has been medicinal. Many tribes in various parts of the world have been using them to cure different disorders. For example, Fresh kratom leaves are psychoactive and have been gaining popularity for many reasons. We will discuss the plant in detail in the article, why it is gaining popularity, its uses, and which is the best place to buy it from. So, without further delay, let’s jump into the article.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is the new buzz in the market for psychoactive drugs. The name the scientists use to refer to this plant is Mitragyna speciosa. They are from the “trees” originating in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Traditionally, these countries have used extracts and leaves as herbal medicines. Kratom leaf has opioid-like effects, providing it with psychoactive properties. A long list of potential medical benefits is attached to the same, and studies on whether it can treat, cure or prevent various disorders are in progress.

About The Brand MIT45

One of the perfect places to buy kratom leaves in the current market is MIT45. They have an array of leaf kratom products sold, from capsules to raw leaves, which are authentic and GMP compliant. The certification makes MIT45 have an approval stamped in gold, making them one of the few players in the industry with an excellent reputation. The brand’s mission is to provide people with a different kind of life, inspiring peace in those who try their kratom leaf products sold in the USA.

The brand has innovative and unique leaf kratom products prepared from high-quality leaves and manufactured with utmost care. The leaf kratom products are vegan and non-GMO, which means they don’t use animal products and genetically engineered ingredients in manufacturing fresh leaf kratom products sold in the USA. Premium MIT45 kratom leaf focuses on safety, honesty, and accountability for each product, which is rare in the kratom leaves industry. The company tests all its fresh leaf kratom products through third-party labs, and the tested reports are available on the website.

What Do You Get In MIT45?

One of the best things about MIT45 kratom is their collection of kratom products on display. One can choose from an array of genuine, GMO-free, and vegan kratom products. So, let’s check what those kratom products are.

MIT45 Capsules

The company uses high-quality kratom leaves to produce the pills. The capsule packet comes with the label “MIT45 Gold Capsules’ made of premium MIT45 kratom extract. The pills come in 2-count and 6-count packets. As we all know, the more the number of pills, the better the value. Thus, we recommend that people buy the 6-count packet. In addition, the MIT45 tablets are exceptional, adhering to the highest quality of GMP during manufacturing. Thus, one can easily trust the brand when buying kratom pills.

Various Kratom Strains MIT45 Raw Leaves

The potency of the kratom leaf varies with the varying color of the veins of the leaves. The common veins that manufacturers use are white, green veins, and red veins.

There is green vein powder, red vein powder, and white vein powder. The prices are very competitive, and we can assure you that nowhere else will one find better quality leaves at such a reasonable price. The quantity of the powders (crushed) comes in four types – 125 grams, 125 caps, 250 grams, and 250 caps. People consume the powder with tea, known as kratom tea. Thus, a good collection of kratom powder is available for people to choose from, according to their needs.

Types of MIT-45 Kratom Raw Leaves

Each of these raw leaves comes in different colors of veins, which have different consumer benefits. Let’s check out what the MIT45 raw leaves are-

White vein MIT45 raw leaf

White Bali and White Thai are the most common varieties of white vein MIT45 raw leaves. They are tough to come by and costlier than the other two variants. Cultivators pick white vein leaves when the leaves are at an early stage of maturity. But the potency is no less than the other Kratom strain. The benefits of the vein type include better support to cognition, improvement in the functions of the brain, boosting energy, and producing a mild level of euphoria, which is an elevated sensation.

Green Vein MIT45 Raw Leaf

Cultivators pick the green vein leaves when the leaves attain a medium level of maturity. The kratom strains have a balanced impact on the body, and people prefer them over the red and white ones. The benefits include an energy boost, uplifted mood, mild levels of euphoria, which can increase if one increases the dose, and calming the brain with an increase in focus and concentration levels. Green Bali, Malay, Indo, and Borneo strains are the most common strains of green vein MIT45 raw leaves.

Red vein MIT45 Raw leaf

The most potent of all vein types are the red vein MIT45 raw leaves. Cultivators pick fully mature leaves to produce a potent formulation. The profile of alkaloids of red vein kratom is the most balanced because it can deliver maximum potency. People consume the vein type to manage pain, relax the mind, improve focus and concentration, energize the body, and manage anxiety levels. The critical strains in the vein type include red vein Maeng da, Red Thai, Red Bali and Borneo, and Red Indo.

Why Should One Shop At MIT45?

There are several reasons why one must shop at MIT45. Let’s list down a few reasons so that you get a reason to shop from the brand’s website.

Quality of the product at MIT45

There is no doubt about the excellent quality of the leaves that MIT45 uses. As a result, they are among the few proud owners of the American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices (AKA GMP) certificate. The association gives the certificate to only those companies with a good reputation for selling kratom products that comply with the current good manufacturing kratom strain law. They utilize a triple purification process that discards a significant amount of impurities in the product. In addition, the products are third-party lab tested.

no MIT45 product has heavy metals, harmful bacteria, yeast, and mold inside it. In addition, they show the AKA GMP certificate on the website. Thus, one can be cent percent sure about buying the product from MIT45’s website.

Price of MIT45 Kratom Products

The brand has set one of the most competitive prices in the Kratom industry. It doesn’t mean the kratom products are of cheap quality because the certificates and reviews are there to discard the claim. A pouch of 0.5oz kratom gel costs only $11. The gold standard MIT45 kratom liquid costs only $21.95. The kratom liquids range from $6 to $29, an excellent product price tag. Similarly, the tablets range from $21 to $39, and the raw kratom leaf range from $29 to $39. One should first verify that they are persons under the age of 21.

Shipping Policies of MIT45

MIT45 offers a shipping rate at a delivery charge of $8.99 through the FedEx standard delivery system that delivers any product within 3-5 days. Unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally and do not ship to many places (mentioned in the legality section) where local regulations don’t allow kratom leaf or strain consumption. Thus, there is no free shipping.

However, the website has an extensive set of terms and conditions that one may go through to gain more insights on the matter.

Services of MIT45

One of the essential services they provide is shipping the highest quality kratom powder and leaf directly to one’s home within 3-5 days at a reasonable price. MIT45 allows postmarking of the product within 14 days of the purchase date. They take around 3-5 business days to check the quality of the product and exchange the product if the claim is correct. They have an extensive support system service. One can contact them through support@mit45.com or call on the number 8666484555. MIT45 is always ready to answer one’s queries about the Kratom strain through its quality support.

MIT45 Kratom Powder Reviews By Users

MIT45 kratom features excellent reviews on its kratom powder and leaf. The Kratom strain has mitragynine inside, which is undergoing various studies by the Food and drug administration. Online reviews show that people are benefitting from the use of the extract, helping them boost their energy and help with pain and daily life stress. It seems people are also a fan of the MIT45 Wholesale service. MIT45 gold shots are one of the best sellers.

People seem to enjoy kratom tea made from MIT45 kratom powder. People love the pricing model and fast delivery, and the balanced potency is a USP of MIT45 kratom products. Thus, many positive online reviews are available on the internet about MIT45 kratom raw leaf.

Are MIT45 Leaf Kratom Products Legal?

Although there are no Federal regulations on the sale of kratom leaf in the USA, the US Drug Enforcement Agency has labeled the product as a controlled substance because of its side effects. The Food and Drug Administration also has not researched the kratom leaves.

A community of people in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Sarasota county, and San Diego wants the legalization of kratom leaves. Other states have no legal issues but have regulations imposed. Thus, to buy kratom powder from the MIT45 website, one must check the local and state laws to avoid harassment. Outside the USA, Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Sweden, and many other countries don’t allow kratom leaves. People from Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, South Korea, and Russia have also been asking for the legalization of kratom leaves.


We know that raw kratom leaf from MIT45 may have several health benefits, but everything has pros and cons, and kratom leaf doesn’t prevent any disease. Instead, it helps in coping with it. There are side effects to the consumption of the extract. The side effects may develop due to overdosing or consuming it regularly for an extended period. These include nausea, itching, dry mouth, red eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite, hallucinations, liver damage, loss of cognition, high blood pressure, and chronic heart illness. Persons under the age of 21 should stay away from fresh kratom leaves.

There are soothing effects, and if one consumes high-quality and fresh kratom powder from MIT45, which has gold standard accreditation to it, one will be able to recover from the disorders faster and not need to consume the product for a long time. We hope the company keeps the quality as good as it is currently at the same competitive and affordable price so that more and more people enjoy the product from Southeast Asia.


1. Do MIT45 ship to all countries?

MIT45 is based in the United States and does not ship internationally. They do not ship to the following countries: Sarasota county, San Diego, Columbia, Union County, Oceanside, and Ontario.

MIT45 products are also not available in the following countries: Denmark. Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Vietnam.

2. Can MIT45 Kratom leaf powder cure all diseases?

No, the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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