Broadband and you – do you need faster broadband?

Ever since around the mid 1990s (more or less in line with the advent of Windows 95) homeowners and tenants have been looking into online access as a necessity, much in the same way that they might look into access to services from a heating or electric supplier. Back then, broadband wasn’t commercially available – users would have to wait for the early 2000s to say goodbye to dial up internet access and hello to broadband (over half of all internet users were accessing the net via broadband by 2007).

Today, we’re going to look at removing any confusion over whether you need faster broadband. If you are interested in viewing your options, find the very latest broadband deals. Otherwise, let’s get going.

How much time do you spend online?

If you are working from home, obviously your daily average for time spent online will shoot up. On average, a recent survey suggests that we spend around 4 hours per day online. Now, think about what this means. Social media is one thing. But how about streaming services and things like Zoom calls? If you are one of the people whose internet usage has significantly increased in recent times, but if you have not updated your broadband package or looked into other options from other providers, you might want to look into the best broadband providers available in your area for a deal that suits your updated needs.

Signs your broadband deal might not be suited to your needs

There are several tell-tale signs that your current broadband deal may not be suited to your needs – whether those requirements be home or career related. Below, we have outlined some of the stand-out issues that many people experience in relation to unsuitable broadband deals. If you spot anything you recognise, it might be time to reconsider your options.

  • Lost connection (downtime)

This could be down to your provider – with so many extra internet connections being made from home since the Coronavirus pandemic, you may need to switch your provider to a more able service to ensure that your internet access remains unaffected.

  • Everything is fine until you start to stream

From binging your favourite box sets to movies and video calls, poor performance during streaming services can be a sign that your current broadband package is not suited to your needs – aside from anything else, frozen work-related video calls can look unprofessional.

  • Downloads or uploads that seem to take forever

If you rely on downloading and uploading content, either in your personal life or for work, slower speeds can be a noticeable annoyance – especially a download or upload stops at a certain point, leaving you wondering what to do. This is a strong signal that your current broadband package is not suitable to meet your needs.

As you can see, there are common connection issues that show you may need to upgrade – don’t leave things until the next frozen video call to make the switch!

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