Bitcoin Crash: What’s behind the fall?

Currently, popular cryptocurrencies like BTC are acting like tough competitors to legal tender money because most traders now prefer bitcoin for international transactions instead of using government money. For example, visit if you wish to make your trading journey smoother and profitable by getting the most accurate trading calls. They are shifting toward the use of the latest technology for developing the international economy to another level. In other words, as per the latest reports, more than 80% of bitcoin transactions depend on China.

Bitcoin Crash, often referred to as BTC crash, is a situation in which Bitcoin plunges abruptly and consistently with a continuous massive sell-off in the exchange market. The history of the Bitcoin crash has been evident since 2011, when it gained much popularity among investors. Since its invention, many people around the globe have been using bitcoin to make international transactions because of its hassle-free and simple process.

Usually, when the price of Bitcoin falls from high, many people panic since they cannot quickly get their earnings back. In such a scenario, users start to sell a large number of Bitcoins which further results in a further decrease in its price because the panic selling beats even those who want to invest in it.


With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, there has been a massive movement among investors to shift their trades from stocks and currencies to bitcoins because bitcoins are considered a safe investment, and they have no regulations around them. Therefore, as per reports, there is a clear indication that all over the world, people are looking for bullish returns concerning bitcoins which is why people are buying bitcoins.

As per the latest reports, there is a growing interest from people in China, South Korea, Japan, and India to invest in bitcoins. Furthermore, many countries are giving good returns concerning BTC mining, like Venezuela, where a person can earn $10 daily by selling his electricity. Hence, most investors are now looking for good places to invest, and these countries have gained enough popularity among investors.

However, the main problem which arises after buying Bitcoins is that there is no way users can easily convert them into legal tender money.

Bitcoin in Oversold Zone:

There are many reasons for which a person may sell Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is an unregulated currency with no underlying intrinsic value, if people think they can make more profit with other assets, they may sell Bitcoins too.

  1. Speculators and investors- People buy bitcoins as long-term investments and not as a medium of exchange because the demand for bitcoin is relatively less than other assets due to its risky nature. Most investors use it just like commodity or security. They buy Bitcoins only for investment purposes and not for buying goods. So, if these speculators think that the value of Bitcoin will go down, they may quickly sell bitcoins.
  2. Users who want to exchange it for other fiat money – Some common reasons which push people to exchange their bitcoins into another currency include:-
  • I don’t have enough money to buy Bitcoins.
  • Want to invest in Bitcoin but doesn’t know how much capital he needs
  • Want to earn more than what he is already earning from his own business or another job
  • Fear of losing their investment

Regulatory concerns:

An increase in Bitcoin price can signify increased users’ interest in investing in it. However, when there is a sudden drop in its price, the interest rate declines concerning bitcoin.

When the price of Bitcoin drops suddenly, regulators buy BTC because they expect its value to go up again, or they want to support the interest rate, or they are doing this for other reasons.

People are afraid that this sudden drop in the value of BTC might be because of some illegal activity where regulators have started selling their bitcoins to restrict their use.

International factor:

The international transaction is done quickly compared to a money transfer from one bank to another. People can easily send and receive payments from other countries through bitcoins because there are no doubts about international transactions. The governments of over 80 countries do not accept bitcoins as legal tender because any government does not back it. However, this does not worry small investors since they can always buy Bitcoins from exchanges and convert them into fiat money.

However, for the above reasons, people may find it hard to invest in Bitcoin Cash. However, it is always recommended that all investors do proper research about investment options and then choose the most appropriate one for their needs, which can help them make intelligent investment decisions.

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