Best Weapons To Use In Naraka: Bladepoint So Far

Naraka: Bladepoint, a new battle royale melee-combat hybrid game from Chinese developer A24 Entertainment, is finally out for real. It’s basically Sekiro meets hero shooter meets battle royale, and we can almost guarantee you’ve never played anything like it. Many gamers are having fun so far, and a lot of that has come from experimenting with Naraka’s weapon options.

We still need to learn Naraka’s acrobatic movement system and how hero abilities interact with combat, but early on, what seems most important is getting the gist of weapons. There’s a decent pool of blades and guns that behave differently, and all have different rarities, so it’s worth knowing what each one is about before hopping blindly into a match. Here are the weapons we like the best so far.


you can’t go wrong with the spear. It’s easy to use, surprisingly fast, and the extra range provided by its focus attacks is a big help when an enemy is trying to run away for a heal.


Another accessible choice weaponry, the longsword, strikes a middle ground between speed and damage. Its standard attacks are pretty standard, but focus attacks are where it really shines. A horizontal or vertical focus strike will send out a ranged shockwave that can catch a target off-guard or interrupt an escape. Just be careful the shockwave can be parried and reflected back at the player.


The katana is a neat slice ‘n’ dice alternative to the longsword with greater speed and lesser range. Charging a focus attack will trigger an instant barrage of slices in front of the player that can be devastating if not parried. Great for sudden grapple hook ambush attacks from trees, but trickier to overwhelm targets in a straight-up fight.


The greatsword can kill faster than most weapons on this list, but it has a pretty clear speed drawback. Its attacks are slow and easily readable, so players with a grasp on dodging and parrying won’t have much trouble keeping their distance. You can bring anyone down quick if any hits connect, but you are also likely to get disarmed by a parry.


The Dagger’s move set is a bit more specialized; with it charging, a horizontal or vertical attack can quickly close the distance on your target provided you’re not parried. Up close, light attacks combo into a focus attack that kicks the target away and knocks them down, leaving them open to another long-distance strike.


Like the longsword, the bow has so far proven to be an accessible early choice for ranged combat. Arrows fly a bit slower than you’ll be used to from most video games, but they’re quick enough to work with and can be charged for big damage that can give you a major advantage in a subsequent melee fight. Stealth is also a huge bonus. The bow is the premium choice for those hiding in trees.

The Cannon

The cannon can deal major splash damage to whatever lands in its path, but it can be pretty hard to land those shots on an enemy that knows you’re shooting at them. It turns out wall-running, double jumping, and grapple hooking are pretty effective methods to avoid slow-moving cannonballs.

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