Best things to do in Sheffield

Visiting Sheffield is not the first thing you think of when you travel to England! Despite being one of the largest cities in England, it is often really underrated in our Sheffield is a city that’s changing. In 5 to 10 years time, it will be an ultra trendy city! So I wanted to share with you the must-do’s in Sheffield, to prove to you that it’s worth more than a short stopover

Must-see things to do in Sheffield

If you’re coming to visit Sheffield, here are the must-see things you absolutely must see! The city is easily visited on foot, so you won’t need to use public transport unless you want to explore the surrounding area of Sheffield.

Walking around the Peace Garden: the heart of the city

We can’t begin to visit Sheffield without telling you about the Peace Garden. This small park, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, is the meeting place for the locals. We love walking through it, sitting on a bench, watching the children play in the fountains, and watching the people go by. At the foot of the gothic town hall, it is a small haven of peace in the heart of the city.

Enjoy the entertainment on offer

Sheffield is a bustling city that offers its share of entertainment. From hip restaurants, cafés and nightclubs. To museums, theatre and casino’s. Here you can find it all. If you’re unlucky and that typical British rainfall kicks up, you can always enjoy online entertainment like an online casino from your mobile device or laptop while waiting it out in one of the upscale hotels of the city. It’s recommended to do so via a trusted website like CasinoRange where players will be guided and rewarder when registering.

Discover the huge greenhouse of the Winter Garden

Next to the Peace Garden is the Winter Garden. Opened in May 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Winter Garden is the largest urban greenhouse in Europe. At 70m long and 22m high, it houses over 2500 plants from all over the world. The Winter Garden is truly a symbol of the city. The Winter Garden and the Peace Garden are an unmissable combination! Inside the greenhouse you can also visit the Millennium Gallery.

Discover Kelham Island, the hip industrial area

Our favourite district in Sheffield, named Kelham Island! Once the most industrial area of the city, it is now home to dozens of trendy restaurants, cocktail bars and traditional pubs. Take the time to walk around this area with its industrial architecture. Don’t miss the Kelham Island Museum which traces the history of the area through the steel industry. You can enjoy and offer your tummy a feast here!

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