Arkfeld EDC flashlight to buy

One of the most vital elements of a basic survival kit is an EDC flashlight. Not only that, but they can come in handy more often than you might believe. Considering how affordable and strong the best EDC flashlights are, getting one for yourself is a remarkable idea.

We know what you are thinking – my phone has a strong flashlight, why do I need another product? Your Smartphone not last even a complete day in the wild. Additional, their performance is extremely poor. For example, your phones flashlight has 40-50 lumens, lighting up a little area around you.

If you are looking for something excellent, you have to the right place and buy Arkfeld Flat EDC Flashlight with Green Laser at Olight.

Arkfeld EDC flat flashlight

The Arkfeld is one of the primary source and portable EDC flashlight. A remarkable max 1000 lumens output is capable to light up every corner you can view. The green laser, a best helper when making a presentation or droll your pets, is featured in the flashlight as well. The artistic switch design is both charming and practical.


Multi-level brightness options with memory feature: Five brightness levels with a highest output of 1000 lumens, the memory feature additionally permit you to pick what you love with one single click.

Two Color temperatures: Cool Neutral white & White can meet different lighting demands in your regular life.

Green Laser: The Arkfelds built in laser is a best helper when making presentations is loved by pets.

Flat plus ultra-thin body: A special flat shape and is simple to carry in your pocket.

Central button plug toggle switch: It is never been simple to pick the light mode you want – just rotate or press to get your brightness level or light mode.

Reasons why a flashlight needs to be in your EDC

Flashlights like Arkfeld EDC flat flashlight are one vital EDC tool that you will never want to skimp on. Here are the important reasons why you should forever include a flashlight in your EDC:

Bad weather

Bad weather cannot just cause power outages, but as well as can make a big difference in natural lighting such as moonlight during night with rainy conditions or heavy clouds.

Natural disasters and earthquakes happen, all the time. Volcanoes can blow, leaving full cities underneath several feet of ash and without power for weeks. Heavy ice situations snap power lines in two.

Landslides, torrential rains, blizzards, and more can replace your lighting situations in a second. Be ready with your durable, tactical EDC flashlight for survival in any type of natural problem.

Defense weapon

Use your Arkfeld EDC flashlight as a defense weapon. The flashlight is not forever the primary thing to come to mind when thinking of a weapon, but can actually be a remarkable tool for self defense.

If any person were to approach you in a dark valley, you can grab your handy EDC flashlight and use the bright beams to blind your approacher suddenly for at least a few moments.

One of the excellent part of this is there are no limitations to carry EDC flashlights anywhere in the America.

Tasks in the dark

Your Arkfeld EDC flashlight can help you with a number of jobs in the full dark. It will most likely be in that moments of full frustration where you cannot find an extra light to help you either find something or fix another.

Breaking down on a pitch dark highway in the middle of nowhere, and trying to fix something underneath your vehicle in broad daylight can be a problem without a light of some sorts.

It will help you in urban and rural situation

Both rural and urban lifestyles have a big number of things that we depend on in our regular lives to supply a safety-lit use such as flood lights, elevators, public transportation etc.

Imagine being on a crowded subway underground then unexpectedly, snap, and darkness. Definitely, the chaos happens and people scrambling, you need something such as an Arkfeld EDC flashlight in your pocket to defend yourself.


A best light is a convention tool for odd jobs, such as looking for a dropped set of keys, and some may use their regular carry flashlights for menial admin or inspection jobs in a professional context. Definitely, EDC practitioners need a light that can perform these jobs and more, since many of us trust on our tools for an included layer of security. Sure, situational awareness raises full personal safety, but as any person who has been developed knows, even hypervigilance cannot be cloak of invisibility. A right EDC flashlight gives a secondary level of security and safety by serving as a very capable less-lethal self-defense tool, making a literal wall of light that permits the user to disappear at a moment’s notice.


Should bright should an EDC flashlight be?

The brightness of the excellent EDC flashlight for you depends on your usage. If you are going to use it to light up little rooms, it does not need to be too bright. Anyway, if you are going camping or working as a police officer, you will need a bright solution like the Arkfeld EDC flat flashlight.

How many lumens is enough for EDC?

If you are looking for the top everyday carry flashlight for yourself, you will actually need to look at the number of lumens. Lumens present the “quantity” of light that comes out of a light source. The common rule is that one lumen equals the light of one candle.

When it comes to EDC flashlights, the lumen count you need depends on your usage. Commonly, a couple of 100 lumens can be bright enough.

Why is flashlight vital in a survival kit?

The clear answer is that you need a flashlight to view in the dark. Among other things, you also need a flashlight in your survival kit to send signals for help. Unless you know how to make a fire, a flashlight in your survival kit can exactly help rescuers find you. Otherwise, your survival might be under question.

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