Are you looking forward to traveling to the United States? These are the requirements you need to meet

For many of us eternally restless, travel restrictions have been particularly difficult to deal with. This can appear to be superficial and insensitive, and it’s not that we’re not interested in what happened (and continues to happen) in the world with the pandemic. What takes place is exactly the opposite: since we know the world, we miss what the journey has given us and what we have brought to the destinations when we have visited them.

It seems to us that returning to travel is important for countless reasons, both economic, social and, of course, also personal. The UK, without going any further, since it depends a lot on tourism, requires that the borders be opened to regain the economic pulse after having spent a very long year in a sandstone basin.

But for those of us who have flown thousands of miles, suppose there are many countries that have passed the same or worse than the UK. For example, the United States has experienced one of the largest economic downturns in the global tourism sector. Although the country has never undergone such severe confinement as ours.

Although tourist travel restrictions continue, many people are preparing to visit the United States as soon as possible. Are you one of them? Do you know what requirements you will need?

Requirements to enter the United States

Those who want to visit the United States right now and until further notice cannot do so due to the tourism restrictions set by Joe Biden’s government. However, these limitations could be reduced in the future. When this happens, it will be enough to have a passport valid for more than 6 months and an ESTA. Don’t know what this permission is? You have all the information here.

It should be noted that the ESTA is related to the passport, so that if this travel document is changed, it will be necessary to obtain a new authorization.

What places to visit in the United States?

Las Vegas has made us crazy, but there are so many things to see in this vast and interesting country that we are not sure if we will choose to be surprised by the nature of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, do some city sightseeing in New York, the global city par excellence, or take a trip to Hollywood to see if we run into any stars.

We can also decide to take a look at the lesser known states of the Midwest, go south to discover the history of the country that is now animated by the “Black Lives Matter” movement or take the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the most innovative places in the world. in the “Silicon valley” in San Francisco.

We would like you to share with us the places you would like to visit in the United States once the restrictions are lifted and the sky can be crossed from one continent to another. Leave us a comment and we can continue the conversation, okay?

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