Are you buying a property? Get ready for this!

Are you planning to move to your own home and therefore do you face the purchase of real estate? You will have to learn many things, especially if it is your first real estate deal in life. What to get ready for?

Get a clear idea

First of all, you should find out what kind of property you are actually looking for. To find out, you have to ask yourself some questions:

  • How many members will live in the household (not only now, but also in the future if you are planning to have children)?
  • Do you want an apartment or a family house?
  • Living in a big city or rather the countryside?
  • A new building or an older property that you will renovate?
  • Do you want a parking space / elevator / cellar / balcony?
  • In the case of an apartment, should it be a panel apartment or a brick one?

There are many more questions, but the ones mentioned above should illustrate where the whole process is heading. When you answer these and similar questions, you will have a fairly specific idea of what kind of real estate you actually want, added Tate a building surveyor in Brighton. Suddenly, you may be left with only single units from hundreds of offers on the market – and the choice will not be as easy, but you are sure that when you find a suitable home, you will not have to think too much about buying it. In short, it will be the right one.

Take ‘training’ visits

You can take ‘mock’ visits in buildings that do not match exactly your ideas.You will try dealing with a real estate agent and you will learn to ask the right questions.It is probable that it will not be ideal for you in the first few visits – you will forget about some questions or make a mistake in negotiating the price.It would be a pity if you made such a mistake with the property you really want and lost it because of it.

Order furniture as soon as possible

At present, when furnishing the interior, you will struggle with the fact that the suppliers will not have stocks of furniture – you will encounter long waiting times at least for some of furniture pieces.So if you are one hundred percent sure that you will need them, typically a sofa, wardrobe or bed, you can order them in advance.You can find a wide selection of not only furniture but also other equipment at FAVI.

Resolve financing aspect in time

Never sign a reservation contract unless you have already resolved the financing.It is not at all certain that you will get a mortgage loan.However, in order not to be overtaken by other applicants, you should visit a bank or financial advisor before you go to the first visits of the properties that are in your focus.If you tell a real estate agent or seller that you are already arranging a mortgage loan and you will have money, these are plus points for you.

However, always sign a reservation contract only when you have certain financing, otherwise you run the risk of losing your reservation fee.


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