Are all-on-four dental implants comfortable?

If you are experiencing tooth loss, chances are you are likely to be in some level of discomfort already.

Your teeth might be wobbly, your gums probably bleeding, and it could be very painful to eat certain foods.

Is there a less painful way to restore your missing teeth?

Dental implants, particularly EvoDental’s advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants, are the easiest way to extensively replace large numbers of teeth with the minimum of pain.

But how can dental implants be comfortable?

The advanced alternative to all-on-four implants don’t move

Having natural teeth is not painful unless there is a problem, for example, you may be suffering from infections, trauma, or even decay due to poor dental hygiene.

Your teeth are simply there.

You chew, speak, laugh, and brush them at regular intervals throughout the day, giving them no more thought than you might give your nose or your toes.

This is exactly how dental implants, including EvoDental’s advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants, function, once fitted.

Unlike dentures which require specific care routines, and can move around in the mouth, causing irritation, pain and discomfort, dental implants are fitted and fully fuse into your jawbone in just a few months- completely replacing your natural teeth.

These advanced alternatives to all-on-four dental implants feature titanium screws and abutments are fitted into the jawbone to mimic the roots and necks of your teeth respectively, holding them firmly and securely in place.

The prosthetic, which replaces the natural teeth, then attaches firmly and securely on top, giving you a strong, reliable bite with a beautiful smile.

After they are fitted and your recovery period has ended, your advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants will act like natural teeth and will not move, helping them to remain comfortable for their lifetime.

The advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants that don’t need to be replaced

Everyone will have experienced childhood tooth loss, and three in four adults, around 74%, have had at least one tooth extracted.

As we age, most people expect to lose teeth and it is regarded as a natural part of the ageing process. A whopping 7.5% of adults aged over 85 reported a complete lack of natural teeth, according to UK data from 2018.

Replacements for these lost ‘adult’ teeth are typically dentures, which as well as being very uncomfortable for many people, can also be unsightly, and need replacing around every five to seven years to ensure they fit your mouth correctly.

Between these fittings, the shape of your mouth could subtly change, resulting in a very unpleasant fit.

Dental implants and prosthetic teeth however are the comfortable, permanent option that, if cared for correctly, could last nearly three times longer than a set of dentures, and sometimes, even longer.

This means that patients will not have to undergo awkward fittings and uncomfortable post-fitting periods every five to seven years, and instead can experience a shorter, one-off period of discomfort after their implants and prosthesis are fitted- reducing patient discomfort massively.

Find an advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants today

When looking for a comfortable alternative to mass tooth replacement, you should consider EvoDental’s advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants.

The joy and confidence this gives vastly outweigh any temporary discomfort and many patients report wishing they had undergone the treatment years earlier!

Whomever you book your dental implants with should be upfront and honest about what to expect from your treatment. They should fully discuss expectations around:

  • Post-surgery soreness
  • How long soreness should last.
  • Ways to manage your discomfort.

This indicates that they are a reputable provider and give you confidence in their treatment plan for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a high-quality provider of dental implants today!


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