Apps to help you through the lockdown period

Hey all smartphone users and readers who bored while lockdown! Instead of playing mobile casino games via NZ Deps, we’d like to show you free apps to get over tough times.

The best apps for getting you through the trials and tribulations of social isolation.

Meditation made simple. Now more than ever it’s important that we take the time out to unwind and check-in with how we’re feeling. Perfect for beginners, this app slowly takes you through the basics of mindfulness and guided meditation. There’s also a sleep section featuring dozy “sleepcasts” to help help you nod off, and a “move” section for exercising. Free trials available.

Similar to Headspace, Calm is another podcast to help teach anxiety-reducing mindfulness techniques. Both offer free trials, and a particular pulling point from this app are the sleep stories featuring famous narrators such as Stephen Fry, as well as a mood check-in feature so you can track how you’re feeling each day.

As it stands, we’re still allowed one outdoor exercise activity a day (while adhering to social distancing rules, of course). This means that it’s the perfect time to get a good running routine going, and with Strava not only can you track and monitor your progress and routes, but you can share them with your pals on the app too. Get some healthy competition going with friends and/or family and see who can clock up the most miles.

Just as important as staying physically active when possible, keeping the mind focused is a big part of healthy quarantining. This free brain-training app provides daily exercises for your mind, taking scientifically-validated tests and turning them into fun games which sharpen your memory, attention, processing speed and problem-solving skills.

Each day you are greeted with a classic poem with this app – a treasure trove of the arts. If any hit the spot, you can save them to revisit whenever you’d like, or continue to browse the vast collection of writing, music, and plays available. Users can comment beneath each piece with their own interpretation or thoughts, creating a community-like feel where you can view trending content or find something to suit your mood via tags.  

This easy-to-us video conferencing app lets you add up to 100 participants in a meeting, which means all the squad can re-unite for some lockdown fun and games. Quizzes are popular ways to pass the time, karaoke is another good shout too. You can even get Pictionary going by using the little whiteboard tool located in the menu. Simply bring a bottle of something nice and you’ve got your own little virtual party going on.

Mario Kart Tour
When it comes to home entertainment, the Mario Kart franchise will always manage to come up trumps. Download for free (it offers in-app purchases), create a Nintendo account if you don’t already have one, and before you know it you’ll be whizzing around a track while dodging turtles and banana skins. It’s good to escape for a bit, eh?

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