Amaiz: The Best Digital Banking Platform

Looking for a suitable digital banking platform for your business? Well here is a little guide for one of the premium business banking applications. It is none other than Amaiz.

It is simple, easy, helpful and everything that will make your business journey a lot easier than ever before.

Following are some of the features that make it stand out among other business banking services.

Easier Cash flow: mostly it gets quite difficult to understand the cash flow of your business with those accounting terminologies but not anymore because Amaiz makes sure that you can understand the financial situation of your business with the clear picture. It provides cash flows charts, graphs and expense categorization. It helps by highlighting the possible loopholes within your business.

Keeping You Updated: whatever updates happen within your business you are notified. Amaiz knows the importance of keeping the business owner informed of all activities. It will also help to get aware of all the suspicious activities that might harm your business. Amaiz also notifies the business owner via slack.

Invoicing Tool: This feature again helps business owners in various ways. It has sub-features where you can customize your template by setting your logo and hence making it even more personalised for your business. The process of creating an invoice is easier than before and you can track the payments from your client.

Multifaceted Security System: Amaiz believes that security at every stage of your business account is extremely important. Therefore, it provides a strong security system for you. It has a video identification feature, card control at your hand, biometrics and protected account. All these features ensure a well-protected space for your business to grow organically and hassle-free.

Expert Advice: Amaiz makes it possible for you to easily connect to the expert accountants only for its customers so that whenever they face financial issues or look for possible solutions, the help is just a click away.

Amaiz Pricing Process: Amaiz is a one-stop for managing all of your business transactions and that too effectively. With all the efficiency it brings to your business also, note that it is extremely affordable for you too. It has two plans one is a starter and the other one is advanced. Both of these deals have almost the same features however note that advance has some extra features like accountancy support, tax calculator and MTD suite. Moreover, for the starter package, you will have to pay nothing for the monthly recurring charge. For the Advanced package, you will pay £9.99 only. It is quite affordable as compared to Coconut Start where you will be charged £4 for card reissue and £5 for Counting up. Overall Amaiz provides the best banking services at the most affordable prices.

Along with being affordable, Amaiz is also very accessible since it has application and website both so you can even work from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, Amaiz also provides the facility of one-month free trial for you to get aware of the website properly.

Try it once to feel the magic for your business growth.

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